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Chapter Four



Teens at the City of Raleigh’s Saint Monica Teen Center.

The City of Raleigh will provide inclusive and

independent spaces, facilities and programs

that are accessible to all residents regardless of

ability and age.


Objective 3A:

Promote accessible and affordable public

transportation options and access to parks, programs and


Objective 3B:

Increase collaboration with schools, area

colleges and universities, local and state agencies and non-

profits for facility use and planning.

Objective 3C:

Partner to provide mentoring and life-

skill programs, technology, employment, volunteerism,

cross-generational participation, fitness and wellness,

sports training equipment and affordable program


Objective 3D:

Continue to maintain and create new

places throughout the city for preschool, youth and

teens to meet and talk with friends, engage in fitness and

wellness activities, utilize technology, and other non-

programmed activities in a safe environment.


The City of Raleigh will identify and eliminate

barriers to participation in parks, recreation

and cultural programs for preschool, youth and

teens of all abilities throughout the city.

Objective 4A:

Provide a broad range of opportunities

for individuals with special needs through collaborations

and partnerships of support services, including access to

different types of indoor and outdoor spaces; inclusive

and independent programs and events; enhanced

transportation options to facilities and educational,

mentoring and wellness programs.

Objective 4B:

Increase awareness of special population

needs and benefits.

Objective 5A:

Expand and enhance active adult program

options and facilities consistent with recommendations

from the Senior Center Feasibility Study.

Objective 5B:

Continue support for senior clubs to

ensure that seniors have equitable access to recreation and

social programs throughout the city.

Objective 5C:

Enhance transportation and accessibility

options to centers, clubs and programming through safe

and affordable public transportation, biking and walking.

Objective 5D:

Provide access to a variety of indoor

and outdoor programs and facilities, inter-generational

programming and events, and therapeutic opportunities

throughout the city.

Objective 5E:

Promote technology-based, fitness and

wellness-focused programs and activities consistent with

trends identified through the comprehensive needs and

priorities assessment.


The City of Raleigh will continue to promote

the community as a premier retirement

destination where residents can stay active

and healthy; enjoy amenities of the Triangle

area; have access to high quality health resources; and

enrich the community through business, social, and

volunteer activities.