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Objective 3A:

Continue implementation of the Strategic

Plan for the Inventory, Conservation, Programming,

Access and Management of Raleigh’s Historic Cemeteries.

Objective 3B:

Develop an Operations and Maintenance

Manual for the City’s historic cemetery properties.

Objective 3C:

Develop and expand partnerships for

programs and funding toward preservation, conservation,

rehabilitation, programs, and access of the city’s historic


The City of Raleigh will continue to support,

preserve and restore the city’s historic cemeteries.


Objective 4A:

Continue to investigate and utilize

opportunities to use technology.

Objective 4B:

Integrate Raleigh’s historic cemeteries

into the city’s parks, recreation and cultural resources


Objective 4C:

Integrate our historic cemeteries into

a comprehensive city historic and cultural tourism


The City of Raleigh will support the interpretation

of our historic public cemeteries in a manner that

will ensure stewardship and conservation of these

valuable resources.


Mordecai Historic Park

City of Raleigh Museum.

Borden House at Fred Fletcher Park (image by Kayelily Middleton)