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Chapter 1


Purpose and How to Use

the System Plan

Section 1.1 - Purpose



Begun in late 2012, the City of Raleigh Parks, Recreation

and Cultural Resources System Plan (System Plan) is a

supplement to the 2030 Comprehensive Plan for the City of

Raleigh (Comp Plan). Multiple elements of the Comp Plan

relate to the City of Raleigh Parks, Recreation and Cultural

Resources Department’s mission for services and facilities,

and includes a significant update for the delivery of parks,

recreation and cultural resource services. The System Plan

seeks to expand on those elements.

The System Plan is a comprehensive long-range planning

document that is meant to help shape the direction,

development and delivery of the city’s parks, recreation and

cultural resource services over the next 20 years.

The planning process utilized extensive public engagement

in the form of a City Council-appointed citizen Planning

Committee, public engagement websites, social media, focus

groups, a statistically valid survey and an online survey,

community visioning workshops, community meetings,

and open houese, and outreach to boards and commissions

including the Citizen Advisory Councils (CACs) to fully

involve the community in each stage of the planning process.

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