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Page Background

Chapter 5


Implementation Plan

Implementation Plan


implementation plan

Chapter II

Existing System Overview

Chapter III

Needs and Priorities


Chapter IV


Chapter V



In order to honor the guiding principles defined by

Raleigh citizens and advance the parks, recreation and

cultural resources vision, identification of next steps

is needed. As the final chapter of this System Plan,

the Implementation Plan includes development of a

Strategic Plan including: action items; timeframes;

identification of partnerships; projection of short-term

costs; identification of available funds; and priority next

steps. These tools will help the Parks, Recreation and

Cultural Resources Department move forward and

achieve the visions, goals and objectives, and guiding

principles stated in Chapter 4.

Edna Metz Wells Park

5.2 Funding and Phasing Strategies

5.3 Prority Next Steps

Chapter V

Implementation Plan

5.1 Strategic Plan

1. Strategic Plan

3. Partnerships

2. Administrative Responsiblities

5.4 Summary of Implementation Plan

1. Historic Funding

3. Phasing Strategies

2. Projected Funding

1. Level-of-Service Criteria

4. Capital Area Greenway

2. Experience-Based System

Design Guidelines

3. Lifestyle-Based System

5. Raleigh Arts Plan

6. Conclusion