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Implementation Plan


implementation plan

Action Items


Objective A:

Provide new parks or joint use facilities so that every resident has access to a park experience

within 1 mile travel distance of their home or place of employment.


1-5 Years


Up to 10 Years


10+ Years

1 Continue to evaluate and analyze service areas and update search area priorities for new parks.

On-Going On-Going On-Going

2 Design and develop new parks.

On-Going On-Going

3 Complete System Integration Plans for all newly-acquired properties and for undeveloped park sites.

On-Going On-Going

4 Identify and acquire new park sites and joint-use target areas through the use of updated search area criteria

to include conventional and non-conventional properties.

On-Going On-Going

5 Partner with Wake County government and Wake County Public School System to develop and update a

broad policy to allow public use of school grounds.

6 Partner with adjacent local governments for joint acquisition and development of recreation facilities.


7 Partner with private developers on large residential and/or mix-use projects for joint acquisition and

development of public recreational facilities.


8 Work with non-public recreational entities to develop joint-use agreements for public and shared-use and

development of recreation facilities.


Objective B:

Expand sidewalks, trails, bicycle facilities and public transportation routes to improve access to and

within existing and future parks and facilities consistent with adopted transportation plans and residents’ needs.

1 Use best available data to develop, implement and continue to refine a method of analyzing Access Level of

Service of all parks and park facilities.

On-Going On-Going

2 Pursue partnerships with City of Raleigh departments and other governmental agencies to obtain data

needed to represent the public transportation, bicycle and pedestrian networks.

On-Going On-Going

3 Coordinate with City of Raleigh’s Public Works Department and Department of City Planning to identify

priority sidewalk and bicycle facilities development.

On-Going On-Going

4 Implement pedestrian and bicycle connections from public right-of-way to park facilities.


5 Evaluate and develop internal park trails to provide connectivity to facilities and promote active outdoor fitness.


6 Coordinate with local and regional public transportation providers to ensure that bus routes are maintained

or created to connect residents to city parks and facilities.

Every 2 Yrs.

Every 2 Yrs.

7 Participate in update to Bike Raleigh and prioritize access to parks and greenways.

8 Participate in planning and development of a Bike Share system with the Planning and Development Department

Goal 1:

The City of Raleigh will develop high-quality parks available within walking distance of homes or

places of employment.

Parks provide visitors with opportunities to relax, refresh,

explore and play, contributing significantly to the quality

of life throughout the city. The action items below are

focused on continuously improving and re-investing in

parks and park facilities, as identified as a top priority by

public input. These action items will help the Department

achieve two important goals: developing high-quality

parks within walking distance of homes and places of

employment; and continuing to meet the needs of the

community, visitors and workers.

Isabella Cannon Park.

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= Action Item will start or is currently underway.