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Chapter Five


implementation plan

Action Items


Objective A:

Support initiatives that work to create a protected, linked network of linear natural areas, wildlife

habitats and greenspaces throughout the region.


1-5 Years


Up to 10 Years


10+ Years

1 Align efforts with Natural Environments Goal 1.

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Objective B:

Continue to expand protection of contiguous greenway lands to full width of the flood plain or

include quality natural resource areas adjacent to the greenway corridors.

1 Identify potential additional greenway land opportunities throughout city.

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2 Align efforts with Natural Environments Goal 2: Objective B.

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3 Evaluate benefits and impacts of widening the greenway corridors to the full width of the flood plain.

4 Develop and implement criteria for widening greenway corridors.


Objective C:

Preserve the natural character of watercourses through greenway acquisition, management, and


1 Align efforts with Natural Environments Goal 2: Objective A.

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2 Implement identified acquisition opportunities.

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3 Assist in the develop watercourse best management practices and standards.

Objective D:

Educate citizens about the benefits of supporting stewardship efforts of greenway corridors.

1 Align efforts with Natural Environments Goal 1.

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2 Develop education materials on benefits of greenway support and stewardship.

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3 Develop educational materials and signage along greenway trails.

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4 Create and implement online and social media component of educational material.

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5 Make educational promotional literature available to distribution networks.

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Goal 1:

The City of Raleigh will protect and enhance vegetation, wildlife and wildlife habitat and the

waterways along linear natural environment areas.

The Capital Area Greenway (CAG) is a framework for

environmental protection, recreation opportunities and

transportation infrastructure that balances the protection

of natural area corridors and over 100 miles of greenway

trails. Action items have been developed for three goals;

protection and enhancement of linear natural environments;

improvement of connectivity and accessibility to greenway

corridors and trails; and enhancement of existing greenway

trails to meet growing and changing needs of users. Several

of the action items identified for greenways are to be aligned

with goals and objectives for natural environments as these

two sub-systems are closely linked.

Neuse River Greenway Trail

= Action Item will start or is currently underway.