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Implementation Plan


implementation plan

Action Items


Objective B:

Integrate Raleigh’s historic cemeteries into the city’s parks, recreation and cultural resources



1-5 Years


Up to 10 Years


10+ Years

1 Evaluate opportunities for public visitation and on-site interpretive programs.

Every 2 Yrs.

Every 2 Yrs.

2 Evaluate opportunities for remote, non-site based visitation and interpretation through the use of

technology, classes and programs.

Every 5 Yrs.

Objective C:

Integrate our historic cemeteries into a comprehensive city historic and cultural tourism program.

1 Promote Raleigh’s historic cemeteries through the Chamber of Commerce, Convention and Visitors Bureau

and other agencies tasked with promotion and economic development.

Every 5 Yrs.

2 Develop and distribute promotional materials.

On-Going On-Going

3 Develop and implement an interpretive program that would include guided tours by volunteer docents.


Historic Resources: Goal 4 Action Items continued

Borden House at Fred Fletcher Park.

City Cemetery looking west towards downtown.

Allen Kitchen at Mordecai Historic Park.

= Action Item will start or is currently underway.