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Chapter Five


implementation plan

Action Items


Objective A:

Establish new urban park types and acquisition criteria to ensure that Growth Centers in the city

have adequate access to a mix of parks and open space types to meet needs.


1-5 Years


Up to 10 Years


10+ Years

1 Evaluate effectiveness of urban open space regulations in Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).

2 Establish return-on-investment metrics for urban parks.

3 Evaluate access to existing and future parks in Growth Centers.

Every 5 Yrs.

Every 5 Yrs.

4 Develop policy and process for addressing temporary park related tactical urbanism ideas from the public.

Objective B:

Establish new public and private partnerships that increase opportunities for a variety of parks

and open spaces.

1 Evaluate urban open space opportunities in coordination with City of Raleigh Planning and Development.

2 Identify methods or strategies that bolster current funds for acquisition and development of urban parks,

facilities, greenways or programming.

3 Partner with City of Oaks Foundation on parks acquisition and funding in growth areas.

On-Going On-Going

Goal 1:

The City of Raleigh will provide adequate park and open spaces within urbanizing areas of the city.

Urbanizing areas, such as Downtown Raleigh, North Hills

and Brier Creek, have experienced some of the highest levels

of growth throughout the region as people seek the benefits

of an urban lifestyle. The Parks, Recreation and Cultural

Resources Department seeks to improve the function of

parks, recreation and cultural spaces and places to meet

this growing demand. Action items have been developed to

advance two goals: providing adequate parks and open space

within urbanizing areas; and responding to urban lifestyle

needs with attractive, flexible and functional spaces.

Fayetteville Street, Downtown Raleigh.

= Action Item will start or is currently underway.


Growth Centers