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Chapter Two

Neuse River Greenway Trail at Milburnie Park

City Cemetery

existing system overview


fields and coordination of volunteer activities. The

Division construction crews also provide assistance in

completion of capital projects.

• Highway

- Maintains approximately 171 linear

miles of public right-of-way, primarily major

thoroughfares assigned to the city for landscape

maintenance through an agreement with North

Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT).

This includes three miles of Beltline planter

boxes on I-440. Maintenance includes work zone

traffic control, litter and debris removal, mowing

maintenance, weed control in plant beds, tree

rings, concrete medians, guardrails, and sidewalks,

pruning, mulching, tree and shrub replacement and

assisting Raleigh’s Public Works Department with

abatement of visual obstructions.

• Cemetery

- Operates historic Mt. Hope Cemetery,

including sale of grave sites, burial preparation,

coordination with funeral homes and families and

perpetual maintenance. Also maintains the historic

City Cemetery, O’Rorke-Catholic Cemetery and

eight other cemeteries located on park properties.

Both Mt. Hope Cemetery and City Cemetery are on

the National Register. O’Rorke-Catholic Cemetery is

designated as a Raleigh Historic Property.

• Greenway

- Maintains over 100 miles of trails and

3,750 acres of greenway property as part of the Capital

Area Greenway System. From the beginning, the

Capital Area Greenway Trail System has traditionally

provided recreational and social opportunities for

Raleigh residents. In the 21st Century, the Capital

Area Greenway has developed into a component of a

highly functional bicycle and pedestrian network for

recreation, and transportation. Greenway trails were

originally designed to provide recreation and social

interaction. These goals still exist and guide the system.

However with the completion of additional trails within

the system and connections to trail networks in other

municipalities, transportation has become an additional

goal. Tasks include litter and debris removal, mowing

and pruning, bridge and boardwalk inspection/repair,

signage and site furniture maintenance, trail surface

repair/replacement and construction of new trails.

Paving crews assist in repair of asphalt parking lots and

driveways on city park properties.

• Urban Forestry

- Maintains trees located on public

rights-of-way and other city properties. Oversees

line clearance, conducts pruning and planting of city

street trees, and in-house tree pruning and removal

to ensure tree health and public safety on over 2,592

frontage miles of public right-of-way and 9,845

acres of park and greenway property. The division

also coordinates the planting of new trees through

the NeighborWoods Program, Trees Across Raleigh

and other volunteer efforts, as well as contractual

replacement of trees within the Central Business

District, in parks and along major thoroughfares.

• Volunteer Services

- The Volunteer Services Program

provides a central coordinating point for effective

volunteer management within the department. The