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Existing System Overview

Specialized Youth Recreation

existing system overview


Volunteer Services Program plans for volunteer

utilization, assists staff in identifying volunteer roles,

recruits, tracks, and evaluates the contribution of

volunteers for the department. Assistance through

this program is on both a one-time and ongoing basis

through the Adopt-A-Park program. Individuals,

families, neighborhoods, civic organizations, schools,

Boy Scouts, garden clubs and other groups currently

participate in the program and have an opportunity

to contribute time, talent and resources.


The Recreation Division provides a diverse array of

programs and services for Raleigh citizens through 27

staffed community centers, two centers for active adults, St.

Monica’s Teen Center, five seasonal swimming pools, and

four year-round pools. The division manages 112 public

tennis courts and 86 athletic fields city-wide. The spectrum

of recreation opportunities includes: aquatics, tennis,

summer camps, before-and after-school activities, and

school track-out programs. The division serves youth, teens,

and adults of all abilities through programs and facilities.

Recreation Division core services include:

• Youth programming for grades: K-12,

• Active Living programming,

• Encouraging Access to the Outdoors,

• Facilities as foundation to program delivery.

Facilities and Operations

The Facilities and Operations (F&O) Division is comprised

of five integrated focus areas that provide full facility and

system management for multiple departments throughout

the city organization. Focus areas include: Downtown and

Outlying Areas of Operations, Parks Areas of Operations,

Energy Management, Design, Service and Construction,

and Administration. These five areas work in concert to

achieve a quality level of service that serves both internal

and external customers by: managing and addressing

city systems and assets; through rate analysis, audits, and

life cycle cost replacements; through engineering, system

evaluations by performing preventive maintenance and

unscheduled repairs; and by responding to security,

emergency and space needs.

These management areas deal with facility system

deterioration, interior finishes, critical and permanent

equipment in all city facilities it supports; and endeavors to

ensure that building systems are current and adaptable. In

total, F&O oversees the maintenance of 2.29 million heated

square feet of building space, 5,731,215 SF of irrigation,

and eight (8) city blocks for downtown Raleigh special

events. Of the total 2.29 million square feet of building

space, approximately 60% is Parks, Recreation and Cultural

Resources Department, and almost 40% are buildings for

other departments such as Fire, Police, Public Works, Solid

Waste Services, and city administrative buildings.

Design and Development

The Design Development Division focuses on the

development and implementationof capital projects through

a process that actively engages both the public and staff to

achieve outstanding projects that are environmentally and

fiscally responsible. The division is comprised of Planning,

Greenway and Construction Management Sections. The

division administers the planning of a system of services, as

well as specific sites to achieve quality leisure, recreational

and cultural opportunities. Annual capital improvement

budgets and periodic bond programs are developed to

undertake the development of a system of parks and leisure

services that provide for the enhancement of the lives of

our citizens utilizing best practice principles of public

engagement. The Greenway Section ensures that greenway

regulations are met by the development community;