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Chapter Two

existing system overview


identifies acquisition needs; works with qualified firms

to prepare construction documents; ensures a high level

of performance by contractors; and coordinates with the

greenway maintenance staff to ensure that the system

of trails and greenway properties are safe, healthy and

accessible to the community. Professional and experienced

staff is utilized to ensure compliance with health and safety

codes, public laws and council directives.

Strategic Planning, Communications and Analytics

The Strategic Planning, Communications and Analytics

Division (SPCA) utilizes strategic planning as the thread

that ties its scope of work and responsibilities together.

The division provides city and departmental leadership

to various initiatives ranging from facilitating the System

Plan process to fostering and building the relationship

with the City of Oaks Foundation, to implementing

significant departmental and city capital projects. This

division alsomanages all assets and processes related to the

department’s technology needs. This includes overseeing

GIS and CLASS analysis and integration as well as all

the department’s information needs to help assist in data

driven decision making

An integral part of advancing the department’s strategic

interests is the continued focus on communication. This

includes building the department’s brand, community

outreach and engagement, media communications and

strategic messaging. Beyond the traditional marketing

roles and responsibilities, this focus area of the Division is

also moving the Department in the direction of real-time

communication through social media as well as measuring

our customers’ satisfaction with programs by deploying

web-based survey tools.


The Resources Division delivers exceptional programs and

services to citizens through Arts Community Oriented

Government, HistoricResources andMuseumandNatural

Resources Outdoor-based Programs. Additionally the

Resources Division provides staff, facility and operational

support through Compliance and Staff Development as

well as Safety and Risk Management offices. The strength

of the division is the diversity and excellence of staff and

services. These strengths uniquely position the Resources

Division to offer singular community engagement as well

as exceptional natural and cultural opportunities while

developing the staff to manage these opportunities in a

safe, effective manner.

Resources Division core services include:

• Arts, History, and Science facility-based programs

and services;

• Community Encouragement and Engagement;

• Active and Passive Lifelong Opportunities with an

emphasis on Tactile and Experiential Learning;

• Staff Retention, Certification and Development;

• Safe, risk-adverse programs, operations and facilities.

Business Process Management

The Business Process Management division provides

centralized administrative, financial and business

management services, oversees all departmental fiscal

matters, coordinates budget preparation, conducts audits,

monitors cash handling, reconciles daily deposits, processes

billing and payments, administers the fee assistance

program, coordinates payroll processing, prepares

and routes contracts, administers grants, and oversees

technology program expansions. The Recreation Business

Office (RBO) is a one-stop customer service center that

processes registrations and manages customer payment

plans, the fee assistance program, accounts receivable

billing, and refunds. Staff also reconcile daily deposits at

over 50 department locations.

The City of Raleigh’s Parks, Recreation and Cultural

Resources Department has grown over the years to include

a diverse set of services that help meet the needs and desires

of citizens for a high quality of life and celebrate the unique

characteristics of Raleigh.

Reptile Program - Group Nature Program