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Page Background

Chapter Two


Parks Plan

May 2004

Sample of guiding documents researched

Section 2.2


City-wide Integration

existing system overview


In an effort to build upon the work of previous planning

studies and to ensure the coordination with other official

documents that could influence the development of the

System Plan, the Project Team has researched multiple

sources of information. The documents reviewed can be

classified into two broad categories; guiding city or regional

documents and area or facility specific studies and plans.

Significant influencing City of Raleigh or other plans or

documents include:

2030 Comprehensive Plan (2009)

Unified Development Ordinance (UDO), 2013

Wake County Comprehensive Parks & Recreation

Master Plan (2003)

Thoroughfare Plan (2011)

Bicycle Transportation Plan (2009)

CAT and Wake County Transit Plans

Draft Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan

Capital Area Greenway Master Plan Update (1989)

Capital City Greenway 1976 Master Plan (1976)

Streetscape Program

Corridor Plans (Capital Blvd., Blount/Person, New

Bern, Blue Ridge)

Senior Center Feasibility Study

Aquatics Facilities Study

Strategic Plan for Historic Cemeteries

Several regional and city-wide plans and studies have

been reviewed to ensure a comprehensive approach to

the System Plan. Some plans reviewed include: Wake

County Comprehensive Parks & Recreation Master Plan;

and the City of Raleigh’s Thoroughfare Plan, Bicycle

Transportation Plan, and the Capital Area Greenway

Master Plan. Two of the most influential regional guiding

documents are the 2030 Comprehensive Plan and the

Unified Development Ordinance.

The Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) for the

City of Raleigh, adopted in February, 2013, is intended to

preserve, protect, and promote the public health, safety,

and general welfare of residents and businesses in the

city. More specifically, the UDO is intended to achieve

the following objectives, which have significant influence

in future development and operation of the city’s parks,

recreation and cultural resources system:

1. Implement the policies and goals contained within

officially adopted plans, including the Comp Plan;

2. Improve the built environment and human habitat;

3. Conserve and protect the city’s natural beauty and

setting, including trees, scenic vistas, and cultural and

historic resources;

2.2.1 Guiding Documents

2.2.2 City & Regional Plans and Ordinances