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Existing System Overview

Shelley Lake

Fred Fletcher Park

existing system overview


With a better understanding of present and future population

trends within Raleigh, the existing system overview can turn

towards existing parks and facilities. In order to observe

system wide successes or opportunities, the consultant

team reviewed a sampling of parks and facilities based

on geographical mixture and the Department’s existing

classification system.

Map C

identifies the sample of parks

visited. The Capital Area Greenway System was observed

separately, with findings documented in Section 2.5 of this

report. The following criteria was used and is based in part

on guidelines developed by Project for Public Spaces (PPS),

a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people create

and sustain public spaces that build stronger communities


A copy of the evaluation form can be found in Section 6.1 of

the Appendix along with individual park findings.


• Is the park easy to reach?

• Can someone who lives nearby easily and safely walk into

the park?

• Does the park have clear directional and informational


Comfort and Image:

• What is the first impression a user has of the park?

• Is the park clean and well kept?

• Is there a variety of comfortable places to sit?

• Does the park provide sufficient protection from

inclement weather?

Uses and Sociability:

• If a park space, is there a mix of things to do?

• If a special use park, how well does it fulfill its intended


• Is the park consistently busy/activated?

• How much of the park space is used versus parts that are


• Is flexibility of spaces maintained?

Environmental Sustainability (Developed and Natural):

• How is stormwater being handled?

• Are there any partnership/environmental opportunities?

• Is the park energy and resource efficient?

• Does the park design/location facilitate and encourage

multi-modal transportation?

• Does the landscape utilize native plant materials?

• Does the park or facility utilize stewardship techniques?

Section 2.4


Existing Parks and

Facilities Overview

2.4 Methodology