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Existing System Overview

Neuse River Trail at Falls Lake

existing system overview


Greenway network observations included a sampling

of the overall Capital Area Greenway System by the

consultant by foot and bicycle.

Specific greenway trail

findings can be found in Section 6.2 of the Appendix.

Individual greenway notes are provided for each segment


Access and Connectivity:

• What amenities and destinations are nearby?

• Is there connectivity to adjacent sidewalks and bike lanes?

• Are there connections to additional trails?

• Is the greenway accessible?

Use and Activities:

• Is there a good mix of uses?

• What is the observed level of use?

• Are there any potentials for user conflicts?

User Safety:

• Is there appropriate signage and wayfinding?

• Are sight lines and clear views provided?

• Are crosswalks sufficiently marked?

• Are there pedestrian signals at intersections?

• What is the condition and type of lighting?

Trail Amenities:

• Are seating options provided along greenway?

• Is there parking provided where appropriate?

• Are bicycle parking facilities provided?

• Are there restrooms provided?

• Is there a wayfinding system established or implemented?

• What type of landscape is provided, and is it sustainable,

native or low maintenance?

Trail Infrastructure:

• How is stormwater and drainage treated?

• Is the greenway clean and maintained well?

• What is the condition of the greenway tread?

• Are shoulders provided where appropriate?

Results of the individual greenway observations can

be found in

Table 13

. A sampling of the Capital Area

Greenway System was observed by the consultant team

over a one week period in October, 2012. Observations

help identify the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities

for improvements for system wide issues as well as specific

greenway trails.

Map D

identifies greenway trails observed

by the System Plan team.

Section 2.5


Existing Greenway

System Overview

2.5 Methodology

2.5.1 Individual Greenway Analysis