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Existing System Overview

House Creek Trail at Glen Eden Park

existing system overview


Wayfinding for Health and Economic Vitality

To serve residents and visitors to the Triangle and as a

means of contributing to economic development, a more

extensive wayfinding program should be implemented.

By conforming to the current Master Sign Program,

additional strategically locatedsigns can indicateproximity

to shopping, dining, grocery stores, parks, and cultural

resources. These wayfinding signs should be integrated

into the map kiosks and used at trail intersections. Spur,

trail intersection, road intersection, and trailhead signage

should indicate road names, availability of services, and

nearby destinations. Walk and bike timing and mileage

will enhance the decision making process. Improving

perceived access and connectivity by adding destinations

will entice commuters to use the greenway system for

transportation, thereby improving personal health.

Corresponding 2030 Comp Plan policies and actions:

• PR 3.2 - Greenway Awareness

Closing Gaps and Identifying Alternatives

While the existing trail system radiates throughout

Raleigh, opportunities exist to augment this framework,

close gaps, reroute experienced cyclists, and extend routes

and spurs into additional neighborhoods and commercial

areas. In lieu of paving natural surface trail corridors that

create important connections, alternate alignments and

on-road facilities should be explored to accommodate

cyclists and preserve the unique character of hiking

trails. Utility corridors, roadway rights-of-way, public

trail easements, and land acquisition can be employed to

complete connections that boost walkability and bicycle

access to daily needs.

Corresponding 2030 Comp Plan policies and actions:

• PR 3.9 - Infrastructure Projects and Greenways

• T 5.2 - Incorporating Bicycle and Pedestrian


• T 5.4 - Pedestrian and Bicycle Network Connectivity

Programming and Economic Contributions

Including the greenway system in parks and recreation

programming will enrich the experience of residents of

Raleigh. The trails around Lake Johnson are already used

for group runs, photography courses, and other programs

within the park. Special greenway programming can be

developed to create awareness of the network of trails and

contribute to the mission of promoting health and social

vitality. Large regional or national events may also be

appropriate for the city to host including trail marathons,

benefit runs, and festivals suitable for linear organization.

These events generate revenue through ticketing,

donations, hotel occupancy, restaurant patronage, and

exposure to local retail outlets.

Corresponding 2030 Comp Plan policies and actions:

• PR 6.1 - Budget Adequacy.

2.5.3 Opportunities for the Greenway System