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Existing System Overview

existing system overview


are unimportant. Instead it means there may be less focus

and fewer programs compared to core programs. Using a

Core Program Assessment tool can help in determining

core program areas.

During discussions with staff and reviewing the core

programming criteria, the following programs were

identified as core program areas:

The program mix or the distribution of types of programs

offered should represent the programming needs of the

residents. Therefore, this should be evaluated annually

through an assessment process. In addition, the program

offerings should include emphasis on the delivery of core

programs. In reviewing program offerings listed in the

2012 winter, summer, fall, and camps Leisure Ledger, the

list and numbers of programs offered included (see




Table 14.

Program Offerings

The programassessment included a life cycle analysis of the

core programs selected for review. This assessment helps

to determine if the City of Raleigh Parks, Recreation and

Cultural Resources Department needs to develop newer

and more innovative programs, reposition programs that

have been declining, or continue the current mix of life

cycle stages. This assessment was based on staff members’

perspectives and were categorized according to the

following areas:

Introduction Stage

(Getting a programoff the ground,

heavy marketing)

Growth Stage

(Moderate and interested customer

base, high demand, not as intense marketing)

Mature Stage

(Steady and reliable performer, but

increased competition)

Decline Stage

(Decreased registration)

The percentage distribution of programs according to life

cycle categories includes:

• Introductory programs: 20.7%;

• Growth programs: 37.8%;

• Mature programs: 29.7%; and

• Decline programs: 11.8%.


200 400 600 800








Specialized Recreation




• Active Adult: 170

• Adventure: 22

• Amusements: 2

• Arts/ Cultural: 299

• Athletics: 68

• Aquatics: 28

• Educational: 144

• ESL: 10

• Fitness: 166

• Historic Resources and

Museum: 12

• Teens: 104

• Youth: 356

Number of Program Offerings for 2012

Leisure Ledger

Program Categories

• Active Adults

• Adventure

• Amusements

• Arts/ Cultural

• Athletics

• Aquatics

• Educational


• Fitness

• Historical Resources

and Museum

• Teens

• Youth

2.6.2 Program Mix

2.6.3 Lifecycle Analysis