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Existing System Overview

existing system overview


This section evaluates the City of Raleigh’s Parks,

Recreation and Cultural Resources Department’s

marketing approaches. Included in this analysis is a review

of the Leisure Ledger and other marketing approaches,

branding and image, and Website.

It is important to have an overall plan for marketing

approaches that relates to the overall system of programs

and services. In the absence of a plan, marketing approaches

become random and tactical. According to the household

survey, 56% of households learn about programs and

activities from their friends and neighbors. Generally,

the program guide and website serve as the main source

of marketing for the agency. There are many marketing

opportunities with these tools which will be discussed below.

Program Guide

The program guide, Leisure Ledger, is distributed to

households three times a year, with a separate Camps

brochure, and is available online, which is helpful for

customers. This publication is distributed to only those

resident households who have participated in a program

or service in the past year.

The cover of the Leisure Ledger is currently enhanced by

photographs and displays the website address and phone

number clearly at the bottom of the page. A Director’s

Message would be a good addition to the Leisure Ledger

and could focus on the Department’s recent park projects

and program updates. A suggestion would be to highlight

the benefits of the system and programs to the community

as a whole by including any environmental initiatives,

awards, partnerships, etc.

The inside front cover includes a short summary

description of the Department. The description is concise

and has an appealing photograph below. The first page,

Discover Your Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources

Department is effective as well as it is visually appealing,

has very little text, and is instructional for learning about

ways to register. Discover Your New Spaces and Places is

also very useful and showcases new facilities.

Overall the Leisure Ledger has extensive information.

However, much of this information may be hard to

find and minimally marketed. A different method of

organizing this information and visual marketing may go

a long way in turning the current information brochure

into a widespread marketing tool. This process begins

with defined program guide sections. These include

sections such as: Dance, Gymnastics, Teens, Seniors,

Active Adult, Athletics, Aquatics, etc. Some of the

sections listed currently have descriptions of the activity,

such as Adventure and Aquatics. Others do not have a

description, such as Social Programs. Social Programs

may be interpreted differently by customers and should

include a brief definition.

After the sections are defined, the appropriate programs

should be placed according to the targeted program’s

ages and demographics. An example of this is the Active

Adult/Senior programs. This demographic may not want

to spend time searching through program categories

Youth Tennis Programs

2.6.5 Marketing Approaches and Program