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Existing System Overview

existing system overview


program descriptions is informational rather than

promotional. Identify the unique value propositions for

each program, and identify the “hook” that will entice

people to register. It is also suggested to try to keep the

descriptions brief, no longer than six or seven lines, since

readers lose interest in programs if they read too much.

A good example is on page 56 of the Leisure Ledger. The

program “Bird Buddies” uses a creative title while the

description captures the interest of the reader as well as

provides all basic information for participating in the

program. Some other descriptions are lengthy and others

are purely informational, without creating incentive for a

person to be interested in registering.

The Leisure Ledger includes a staff highlight section,

which is a nice feature. This could be supplemented with

information about a couple of key instructional staff in

each issue, which brings a personal and approachable

touch to the programs they teach/instruct. Along with

pictures, a contact person, number, and/or email should

also be included in this section. Currently there is a list

of executive staff at the front of the program guide. A

recommendation would be to include phone numbers

and/or email addresses for the executive staff as well as

contact information for program managers. It is also

helpful to have customer testimonials, as word of mouth

is an important form of marketing.

The Department currently has a small Special Events

section located at the beginning of the program guide. It

would be beneficial tomake this section larger and list core

events with pictures to increase potential interest in these

programs. Additionally, this would be an opportunity to

promote or market sponsors/partners that are supporting

those events.

The Unique Facilities section includes facilities that are

available for rental opportunities. However, these facilities

are mixed in with facilities that are not available as rental

opportunities. A recommendation would be to either

create a separate programguide section for Facility Rentals

or to use an icon that would distinguish rentable facilities

from others. Additionally, rental fees are not included in

the facility descriptions. Including such fees would be a

good addition to the program guide. A good example for

Facility listings is in The Town of Cary program guide.

The Town of Cary lists their rentable facilities in their

program guide with a description of facilities and a table

of fees for each facility. By doing this, it is easy for the

reader to determine what facilities are available for rent

and what the associated fees are for those facilities.

Website Review

Parks and Recreation websites are becoming increasingly

important as a marketing tool, an identification of

brand and image, and an avenue to provide government

transparency. The City of Raleigh’s Parks, Recreation and

Cultural Resources Department does not have its own

separate website but is instead a Department category

within the city’s website under Arts &Parks. However, 50%

of households surveyed indicated the website as a means

for learning about programs and activities compared to

only 33% by the Leisure Ledger.

On the Department’s home page, there are categories

of information, listed as Parks, Recreation and Cultural

Resources News, Parks and Facilities, Greenways and

Trails, Raleigh Arts, Park Planning and Development,

Programs, Classes and Events, RecLink, Leisure Ledger

and Publications, and Corporate Services. These

categories are organized well and make it easy for the

customer to find needed information. The photographs

on the home page add good visual appeal. However, the

website does not have a compelling call to action. Content

is informational rather than promotional. Although the

basic information is presented and available on the main

page, there are several opportunities for improvement for

Youth Art Program at Shelly Lake Park’s Sertoma Arts Center