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Needs and Priorities Assessment


needs and priorities assessment

Each meeting consisted of a presentation of the overall

planning processes, findings from the Existing Condition

Overview, interactive voting questions, a sample

survey, and a review of additional public participation

opportunities. Records of each meeting can be found in

Appendix D,

along with recorded comments and voting

results. In addition to the scheduled community meetings,

Park and Recreation Department staff attended Basketball

League nights throughout the community and conducted

28 presentations to various Citizens Advisory Councils

(CAC) and other interested groups. Together, these

meetings and presentations reached out to over 1,000

residents. This report will summarize themes that emerged

from each meeting.

Community Meeting #1 Green Road Community Center

The first of four community meetings was held in the

northeast area of Raleigh at the Green Road Community

Center on January 10, 2013. Comments were provided

by residents throughout the meeting by means of written

responses to questions on flip charts, residents’ written

comments on display boards, survey results, and Park

and Recreation staff recording comments at three topic

stations: parks, programs, and greenways. Primary

comments summarizing all methods included:

• Better communication of information to public

(RE: programs, parks, etc.)

• Collaborate with community programs (i.e. – Easter

Seals, etc.)

• Require builders to include neighborhood parks

again (comment regarding Wake County)

• Sidewalk needed on St. Albans and Atlantic Ave.

(esp. near greenway)

• Additional gated/fenced dog parks in existing parks

• Parking needed at trailheads and greenway entrances

• On-trail wayfinding and destination/time


• Coordinate senior/social services programming with

Wake County

Community Meeting #2 – John Chavis Community


The second of four community meetings was held at

John Chavis Community Center in the southeast area

of Raleigh on January 12, 2013. Comments provided by

residents throughout the meeting included:

• John Chavis Memorial Park is a top priority in the

community and needs is to match Pullen Park in


• Tell story of African American history through the

Green Road Community Meeting

Community Meeting #1 Survey Results:

A. Most Important Facilities with Highest Unmet Needs

1. Greenway Trails

2. Natural Parks and Preserves

3. Smaller Neighborhood Parks

4. Playgrounds

5. Indoor Pools

6. Dog Parks

7. Outdoor Pools

B. Most Important Activities with Highest Unmet Needs

1. Fitness and Wellness

2. Aquatics

3. Visual Arts

4. Lake-Related Activities

5. Pre-school

6. Nature

7. Adventure Recreation