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Chapter Three

Teen Workshop Survey Results:

A. Most Important Facilities with Highest Unmet Needs

1. Greenway Trails

2. Smaller Neighborhood Parks

3. Tennis Courts

4. Indoor Pools

5. Walking/ Running Tracks

6. Picnic Areas/ Shelters

7. Dog Parks

B. Most Important Activities with Highest Unmet Needs

1. Fitness and Wellness

2. Nature

3. Aquatics

4. Lake-Related Activities

5. Senior Adults

6. Adventure Recreation


needs and priorities assessment

• Request to provide equipment (balls, pads, etc.) for

rental with potential sponsorship program

• Desire to have more after school oriented programs

and weekend programming, specifically the Tops


• Food/ ice cream trucks in parks

• Request for indoor pool and gym fitness area, more

indoor spaces

• Provide better security/ cameras in parking lots and

at community centers

• More water activities in parks

• Request for wi-fi in parks

Community Meeting Themes

Information gathered from each community meeting

and the teen workshop was recorded in meeting notes

and coded by the consultant staff to identify themes for

community needs and priorities for parks, recreation

programs and greenways. Primary themes from the

meetings included:

• Greenway wayfinding to highlight destinations,

healthy information and educational interpretative


• Small, neighborhood parks are needed with

connections to sidewalks and greenways;

• Access to greenways needed;

• Walking access is desired to neighborhood parks;

• Park solutions needed for urbanizing areas;

• Better coordination between schools and parks for

more opportunities; and

• More dog parks in neighborhood parks and

provide extended hours at select locations.

Nineteen focus groups were held at Jaycee Community

Center, Chavis Community Center and Laurel Hills

Community Center covering various topics ranging

from facilities, geographical areas and social groups. The

meetings occurred between January 10th and February

7th, 2013. Combined, the focus groups meetings were

attended by over 200 residents and interested parties.

Each meeting was one hour in length and started with a

brief introduction of the parks, recreation and cultural

resources system planning process, followed by an in-

depth discussion of needs and priorities, then capped by

a discussion of preliminary vision ideas for each topic

and potential implementation strategies. A member of

the Planning Committee was present at most of the focus

group meetings. The focus group topics were as follows

(in order of completion):

• Greenways, Bike and Pedestrian

• Adventure/ Outdoor Recreation

• CAPSER (Citizen Advocates for Parks in SE Raleigh)

Teen Workshop

3.1.2 Focus Groups