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Needs and Priorities Assessment


needs and priorities assessment

• Arts

• Tennis

• Athletics

• Nature and the Environment

• Multi-Cultural (two groups)

• Healthy Living

• Historical/ Cultural

• Active Adult/ Seniors

• Special Populations

• Sustainability

• Aquatics

• Downtown Raleigh

• Education

• Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (CVB)

• Youth (school-based programs)

Comments and ideas from participants were recorded in

meeting notes, cross-checked through audio recordings

and finally coded to reflect consistent themes for primary

findings. Items coded include topics or ideas which had

more than one comment or included a detailed discussion

during the focus group meeting. These themes are as

follows for each focus group:

Greenways, Bike and Pedestrian (1/10/13):

• Need for a hierarchy of greenway trails based on level

of use and type, i.e commuting, recreation, etc.

• City Council has adopted the definition of greenways

as an infrastructure that operates as a system. This is

diminished by fragmentation

• Wayfinding needs to address destinations and include

more innovative techniques that inform the public of

the greenway system

• Request to provide better connectivity in to


• Request for key intersections to provide user amenities

Adventure/ Outdoor Recreation (1/10/13):

• Request for equitable distribution of access to safe

opportunities for adventure and outdoor recreation

• Facilities and programs should be less competitive

based and more experience based (family and


• Establish a mentoring or sponsorship program to help

lower-income individuals, children, or families have

opportunities in adventure or outdoor recreation,

which is costly

• Current registration website is difficult to navigate

and sign-up when looking for adventure/outdoor

recreation opportunities

• Target facilities in low-income areas or minority

population areas to provide better transportation


• Programs for river activities should be developed with

safety classes

• Long-term funding options for adventure recreation

are needed and should be used for intended purposes

• Seek creative or alternative funding sources such as

naming rights, licensing fees, sponsorships, etc.


(Citizen Advocates for Parks in SE Raleigh)


• Department staff is not representative of the city’s


• Greenway safety is a major concern throughout SE

Raleigh and need more open views

• Preserve and embrace heritage throughout Raleigh

• Residents request an olympic-sized pool in SE Raleigh

• Focus on improving or reinvigorating existing


• Need more programs for older youth and teenagers,

older adults and young women

• Up-to-date IT equipment at community centers for

community meetings and use

• Desire to establish a scholarship program sponsored

by the business community

Multi-Cultural Focus Group Meeting at Chavis Community Center