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Chapter Three


needs and priorities assessment

Arts (1/11/13):

• Vision is the ‘Creative Capital of the South’

• Should be able to enjoy art as both a participant and

an observer

• Top need is for coordination or alignment efforts

among the various arts groups, providers and facilities

• Need a common voice; lack of branding to achieve


• Multiple arts calendars/ agendas make scheduling very

difficult; need once a year coordination meeting

• Desire for a facilitated system for distribution of

information and sharing of calendars

• Need festival coordinator position

• Need variety of performance arts spaces, primarily

a need for a 800-1500 seat venue, and a 200-300 seat

venue for experimental arts

• Include basic infrastructure in parks for arts (power,

restrooms, stage space, etc.)

• Economic benefits require spaces that are active, i.e.

downtown, commercial centers, etc.

Tennis (1/11/13):

• Except for Millbrook, most courts are in fair or poor


• Future development of courts should include 5-6

courts to allow high school tournament use

• Annual pass needed for groups/clubs and online

reservation system would be more up-to-date

• Participants expressed a need for indoor facilities/

courts (either bubble or vacant big box store)

• Northwest area of Raleigh lacks tennis courts that are

playable or in fair condition

• Tournaments are economic boom to Raleigh with

hundreds of teams coming into town, coaches and


Athletics (1/11/13):

• Participants stated a need for more baseball/softball

fields for middle school and high school kids,

specifically in NW area of Raleigh; existing fields are

in poor condition

• Increase maintenance at existing facilities before


• Multipurpose fields are in poor condition

• Look at acquiring additional space outside of city


• Reconfigure existing fields to better accommodate

various field sizes

• Consider additional opportunities for revenue sources

i.e. sponsor jerseys, score boards, naming rights

• Training programs for referees and coaches taught by

students from local colleges and universities

Nature and the Environment (1/11/13):

• Funding should be endowed for natural preserves to

ensure commitment of a high quality experience in


• Docent program for greenways and natural areas is


• Vision should include a staffed nature park within 10-

15 miles of every citizen

• Nature preserve should be accessible by public


• Need to bridge gap between sports and nature


• Should educate residents of value of natural areas

• Create a ‘Future Lands to Acquire’ map

• Desire to conduct a comprehensive inventory of flora

and fauna in natural areas

• More opportunities for ‘citizen science’ e.g. bird

banding, plant identifying, etc.

Multi-Cultural Group #1 (1/11/13):

Focus Group at Jaycee Community Center