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Needs and Priorities Assessment


needs and priorities assessment

Districts (BIDs) and Tax Increment Financing


• Several interviewees mentioned the need to keep

user fees affordable.

Comparable Communities:

• 4 of the 11 interviewees felt that no other cities were

comparable with Raleigh;

• Other interviewees mentioned Austin, Denver

(healthy lifestyles, outdoor recreation), Pittsburgh

(redevelopment), Minneapolis (greenways and

parks), Boston (walkable), New York (re-capture and

conversion of “throw-away” spaces), San Francisco

(public art), Chicago (big urban parks), Charleston,

Savannah, Washington, DC.

Interview Themes

The following themes were recorded by consultant

staff during multiple interviews with City of Raleigh

stakeholders and elected officials. The primary themes for

needs and priorities from the interviews included:

• Better connectivity for greenways and trails;

• Improve or enhance existing park and recreation

facilities first through reinvestment in maintenance;

• Need for equity in the geographic distribution of

recreation facilities across the city;

• Start planning for Dorothea Dix Park site in overall

park and recreation system;

• Provide more walk-to park options for residents;

• Meeting the needs of an aging population;

• Develop parks in urbanizing areas based on new

urban lifestyles; and

• Keep the character of the city through integration of

the arts, history and diversity.

A goal of the Department is to increase public involvement

and that includes utilizing online content and social

media to reach out to residents and users in a new way.

This will help gather input and create better opportunities

for residents and workers to stay engaged in the planning

process. To fully engage citizens, the city has also included

an interactive pubic engagement website. In addition, the

Department’s own website



serves as a depository of information such as meeting

notes, project schedule and announcements.

The public engagement website (www.yourparksyour

) was utilized to gain input from area residents

and visitors throughout the planning process with various

topics, questions and polls posted for public input and

feedback. Comments, ideas and votes submitted through

this website have been saved, compiled and coded by the

consultant team and city staff. At the time of publishing,

the website has received over 21,900 visits with over

68,200 page views. Over 1,415 participants have signed up

and provided over 950 comments, ideas or voted online

representing all zip codes withinRaleigh.The following are

examples of ideas submitted through the website as well as

coded themes, which have received the highest amount

of votes of support or have been identified by numerous

residents in submitting their ideas or comments:

3.1.4 Public Engagement Website

Screen shot of