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Chapter Three


needs and priorities assessment

Starting on January 1, 2013 and concluding on March 4,

2013, City of Raleigh residents and anyone with an interest

had an opportunity to participate in an online public

opinion survey via SurveyMonkey. The System Plan team

developed a questionnaire, which closely resembled the

Citizen Opinion and Interests survey document in Section

3.3 of this report. The Online Public Opinion Survey was

accessible by two means; a link was provided on the public

engagement website



and a link was emailed to contacts via email blasts from

the City of Raleigh. At each public event, the consultant

and/or Department staff provided business cards to

attendees with a domain address and QR Code to access

the public engagement website and encouraged attendees

to complete the survey. In total, 1,962 surveys were


While findings from online surveys are instructive, it

is important to note that this survey is not considered

statistically accurate and does not reflect the demographics

of the City of Raleigh. Respondents self-select to complete

the survey, rather than being randomly contacted in a

sample such as the survey used in Section 3.3. Even though

the survey is not statistically valid, results are valuable to

the overall analysis process specifically because almost

2,000 people responded, which reflects a large body of

input from throughout the community.

The intention of the survey was to reach as many City of

Raleigh residents and interested parties as possible. Before

completing questions regarding park and recreation

facilities and activities, a series of basic demographic

questionswere asked to better understand the respondents.

The following are select results of these basic questions.

The majority of respondents either live and/or work in the

City of Raleigh, with only 11.5% as neither option. This

indicates a strong participation level by residents, workers

and visitors to the City of Raleigh.

Table 16

. Respondent’s place of residence

Live in the City

of Raleigh,


Work in the City

of Raleigh,


Live and Work in

the City of

Raleigh, 44.7%

Live and Work

outside the City

of Raleigh,


3.2 Methodology

Section 3.2


Online Public Opinion


3.2.1 Survey Respondents

Which one of the following best describes you?