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Launched in May 2013, the visioning effort for the city’s

parks, recreation and cultural resources began with an

extensive series of public sessions held during a week-

long community workshop. Hundreds of residents

attended a kick-off event, various workshop sessions,

and a closing session that provided stations for each

theme with recorded notes, highlights of findings and a

presentation for review. The System Plan is based on the

input of participants from this workshop and from the

needs and priorities assessment. The visioning efforts

balanced community input with strategic direction

provided by guiding documents to develop a new vision.

This vision strives to integrate the parks, recreation and

cultural resources system into the city’s infrastructure,

while also addressing evolving trends and changing needs

of the community. This vision can be summarized in the

following vision statement:

The City of Raleigh’s vision for its parks, recreation

and cultural resources system is ‘

bringing people

to parks and parks to people.

’ It is a system that

addresses the needs of all and fosters a community of

creativity, engagement, healthy lifestyles, and welcoming

neighborhoods. In addition to providing traditional,

high quality parks, recreation and cultural facilities and

programs, the city uses innovative initiatives to reach all

residents, workers and visitors.

The shared beliefs and qualities most valued by residents

of Raleigh come together to form a set of



for the parks, recreation and cultural resources

system. These seven principles shape the goals of the

system’s vision and the provision of parks, recreation

and cultural facilities and services throughout the city:

• Connectivity and Accessibility

• Equitable Distribution

• Continuous Reinvestment

• Collaboration and Coordination

• Balanced Experience

• Innovation

• Communication and Engagement

Helping to guide the implementation of the vision, a

series of 25 goals with corresponding objectives were

developed in accordance with the guiding principles.

These goals and objectives are organized into eight

broadly defined areas or


that reflect

the unique qualities of the city’s parks, recreation and

cultural resources and include:

Collectively these sub-systems form a rich, vibrant

and dynamic system that contributes to a high quality

of life for all residents and furthers the achievements

of Raleigh’s overall vision. Each sub-system’s goals

and objectives were developed through community

input and an analysis of the existing system. The 25

goals express the broad intent of each sub-system,

while accompanying objectives provide measurable

indicators of progress consistent with the City’s 2030

Comprehensive Plan’s vision, themes and policies. The

objectives are intended to evolve over time in response

to changing trends, needs and community goals.

• Parks

• Natural Environments

• Greenways

• Athletics

• Programs and Services

• Arts

• Historic Resources

• Growth Centers