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Page Background

Needs and Priorities Assessment


needs and priorities assessment

Though the Online Public Opinion Survey is not

statistically valid, it did have a large number of responses

and can contribute to a better understanding of how

residents, workers and visitors of the City of Raleigh

identify key issues with parks, recreation and cultural

resources. Significant findings include:

• A high level of satisfaction with the condition and

appearance of parks, recreation and cultural resource

facilities in the City of Raleigh;

• A majority of respondents define ‘walking distance’

as within ½ to one-mile or a 10-20 minute walk;

• In addition to the City of Raleigh park sites, a

majority of respondents use Wake County Parks and

Wake County Public School sites for recreation;

• The most significant reasons that prevented

respondents from using the City of Raleigh park

and recreation facilities were a lack of greenway

connections and locations being too far from their


• A relatively high (78%) pertcentage of respondents

had either an excellent or good rating for the quality

of recreation programs by the department;

• The most important reasons for selecting to

participate in a recreation program were the

affordability and location of the facility;

• The most important recreation/ team sports were;

baseball/softball; cycling; tennis; organized soccer;

and swim/ dive league;

• The most important recreation activities or hobbies

were: walking/ jogging; walking the dog close to

home; walking to enjoy nature; and work out/ attend

fitness class;

• Highest levels of satisfaction for services provided

by the department were for customer assistance by

staff at facilities, while overall communication with

residents and the user-friendliness of the department

website received the highest levels of dissatisfaction;

• Highest levels of priority by respondents were for

more emphasis on the development of greenways

trails and the development of small and large parks;

• The action respondents selected as the most willing

action they would take to improve the parks,

recreation and cultural resources system is ‘Maintain

existing parks, recreation facilities and fields.’

• Respondents chose to allocate the highest amount of

funding to ‘Improvements/ maintenance of existing

parks and greenways’ ($18.98), and lowest amount

was allocated for ‘Development of new outdoor

areas’ ($9.57); and

• Most respondents learn about City of Raleigh

Parks and Department programs and activities

by the Department’s website (74%); from friends

and neighbors (54%); and the Department’s Parks/

Recreation Leisure Ledger (51%) and connections

close to my home, while the second highest level of

emphasis was for equal emphasis on development of

small and large parks.

City Cemetery looking west towards Downtown Raleigh

3.2.3 Summary of Findings