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Chapter Three


needs and priorities assessment

The System Plan team conducted a Citizen Opinion and

Interest Survey on behalf of the City of Raleigh during

February, 2013. The purpose of the survey was to establish

needs and priorities for the future development of parks,

recreation facilities/ programs and services and greenways

within the community. The survey was designed to obtain

statistically valid results from households throughout the

City of Raleigh and was administered by a combination of

mail, telephone and website.

The survey was developed in cooperation with department

staff, first through a workshop on October 22, 2012, and

then through a series of draft survey instruments. A final

survey was approved by the department in early January,

2013. The final survey was seven print pages in length and

contained 22 questions. A target sample size of 800 was

set for mail, telephone and website responses. Questions

focused on parks, park and recreation facilities, needs

and priorities, satisfaction, communications and simple

demographics, which were used to validate the survey to

the demographics of the City of Raleigh.

Approximately 4,000 printed surveys were mailed to

randomly selected households throughout the City.

Respondents were provided three means to complete the

survey; by mail, by phone (in either English or Spanish);

and through a website. An automatic voice message was

sent to each house that had been mailed a printed survey.

Three weeks after the mailing of surveys, follow-up phone

calls were made to households. Households that indicated

they had not returned a completed survey were provided

an option to complete one by phone. The survey was

completed by 802 respondents and has a level of confidence

of 95%, which means results could be replicated 95 times

out of 100. In addition, the survey has a margin of error

of +/-3.4%. A detailed copy of the questionnaire and full

survey results can be found in the appendices.

The Citizen Opinion and Interest Survey had a sample

size of 802 respondents and was designed to match the

demographic characteristics of the City of Raleigh. In

order to validate the survey, a series of basic demographic

questions were asked at the end of the survey. The

following are select results of these basic questions:

Note: responses are presented in this section as one-way

analysis; they have not been cross-tabluated to discern patterns.

The race/ethnicity of respondents closely resembles the

2010 US Census results identified in

Table 3

of this report

on page 28. One variation is the number of respondents

that selected ‘White/Caucasian,’ which is slightly higher

than the US Census data from 2010. This may be due to the

fact that the survey had a separate question for ancestry

(Latino, Hispanic or Spanish, which 9% selected) and that

3% of respondents did not provide an answer.

Table 37.

Race/ Ethnicity by percentage of respondents.

Section 3.3


Citizen Opinion and

Interest Survey

3.3 Methodology

3.3.1 Survey Respondents

Which of the following best describes your race?








20% 40% 60% 80%

White/ Caucasian

African American/ Black

Asian/ Pacific Islander

American Indian/ Alaska Native


Not Provided