City of Raleigh Development Fee Schedule

12 Expired Permit Fees Expiration of a single permit Clients that purchased a single permit at the minimal permit fee with expired permits must purchase a new permit at the current minimal permit fee. Expiration of multiple permits on a single project Clients with expired permits for projects requiring multiple permits will be credited for any expired permit fees previously paid toward the purchase of new permits at the current rate. A one-time administrative fee will also apply. In addition, projects with expired permits that require a plan review due to changes in the design or all new codes and ordinances will be charged all applicable plan review fees. Express Services * The Express Services fees are charged at a 1 hour minimum. After the 1 hour minimum, time is charged in 15 minute increments (rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes). Base Per Hour What you Pay* Express - Sketch Plan Review $600 $624 Express - Preliminary Subdivision Review $900 $936 Express - Administrative Site Review $900 $936 Express - Recorded Map $900 $936 Express - Mass Grading $600 $624 Express - Additions $1,500 $1,560 Express - Alteration & Repairs $900 $936 Express - Building Comments Only $900 $936 Express - Change of Use $900 $936 Express - Fit up/Interior Completion $900 $936 Express – Pre-submittal Conference $600 $624 Express - Standard Commercial $1,500 $1,560 Express - Concurrent Site Review $900 $936 Pony Express $300 $312 *Adjusted to include a Technology Surcharge of 4%. Fees are in addition to the plan review fees for the associated process types.