City of Raleigh Development Fee Schedule

17 Aerosol Products (Level 2 or 3 in excess of 500 lbs.) Amusement Buildings Carbon Dioxide Systems used in beverage dispensing applications Carnivals & Fairs Combustible Dust-Producing Operations Dry Cleaning Exhibits and Trade Shows Explosives – Up to 90 Day Permit (Blasting Operations) Explosives – Manufacture, Storage, Handling, Sale and Use Floor finishing (excess of 350 sf using Class I & II liquids) Fumigation & Insecticidal Fogging Business Hazardous Materials (Per Table 105.6.21 of the NC Fire Code) High-Piled Combustible Storage (excess of 500 sf ) Industrial Ovens Liquid-or Gas-Fueled vehicles or equipment in Assembly Buildings Magnesium (melt, cast, heat treat or grind > 10 lbs.) Miscellaneous Combustible Storage (excess of 2,500 cu. ft.) Open Burning – Bon fire or Commercial land development Place of Assembly Pyrotechnic Special Effects Material Refrigeration Equipment (Chapter 6 of the NC Fire Code) Repair Garages and Motor Fuel-Dispensing Facilities Rooftop Heliports Spraying & Dipping Storage of Scrap Tires and Tire Byproducts Tire-Rebuilding Plants Temporary Tent & Stage, Membrane Structures, and Air-Supported Structures Large Temporary Tent and Membrane Structures (excess of 15,000sf ) (Fee per structure) Waste handling (wrecking yards, junk yards and waste material handling facilities) Operational Fire Fees and Permits $85 $171 $85 $171 $171 $85 $171 $343 $171 $85 $85 $85 $85 $85 $171 $85 $85 $171 $85 $171 $85 $85 $85 $171 $85 $85 $85 $286 $8 Fee Hydrant Flow Test (Per test) Work without a required permit Re-Inspection Fee – Extra Inspections Special Inspection Request Fire Incident & Inspection Reports (Per page) Other Fees $114 $286 $73 $85 .06 Fee a. The placement of retail fixtures and goods, concession, equipment, displays of highly combus- tible goods and similar items in the mall. b. The display of liquid- or gas-fired equipment in the mall. c. The use of open flame or flame-producing equipment in the mall. Covered Mall Building, Meeting any of the criteria below: $171 $171 $171 Fee