City of Raleigh Development Fee Schedule

18 Private fire hydrants and other For 0-5 private hydrants For 6-10 private hydrants For 11 or more private hydrants Pyrotechnic special effects materials Refrigeration equipment (regulated by chapter 6 of the fire prevention code) Repair garages and motor fuel dispensing facilities Rooftop heliports Spraying or Dipping Storage of scrap tires and tire by products Tire-rebuilding plants Temporary membrane structures, tents & air supported structures (fee per structure) Large tents & membrane structures (in excess of 15,000 sq. ft.) (fee per structure) Waste handling (wrecking yards, junkyards and waste material handling facilities) $168 $83 $83 $168 $83 $83 $168 $83 $83 $112 $168 $168 $83 $83 $83 $168 $83 $83 $83 $280 $83 $280 $72 $83 $0.06 $168 Hazardous Materials (see table for permit fees) High piled combustible storage exceeding 500 sq. ft. Industrial oven operations Liquid or gas fueled vehicles or equipment in assembly buildings Magnesium (melt, cast, heat treat or grind more than 10 lbs.) Miscellaneous combustible storage in excess of 2,500 cubic feet Open burning - Bonfire or commercial land development Place of assembly Other fees Work without a required permit Re-inspection fee - extra inspections Special inspection request Fire Incident and inspection reports (per page) Membrane structures, tents, and air supported structures (>180 days)