City of Raleigh Development Fee Schedule

19 One permit per parcel for tree removal, pruning, and other tree disturbing activities Tree conservation area up to and including 0.2 acres Tree conservation area above 0.2 acres calculated on a per acre basis of Tree Conservation Area (not to exceed 10% of the gross area of the tract or 15% for R-1 and R-2 Zoning Districts) per tree conservation area Tree Conservation Area maximum fee Tree Buffer Protection minimum fee Tree Buffer fee is calculated on a per acre basis of distributed area (per tree conservation area) Tree Buffer Area maximum fee Tree Conservation Permit * Infrastructure Field Inspections (per linear foot) * Partial Public Street/Streetscape $1.53 Full Public Street/Streetscape $2.47 Partial Public Street/Streetscape inspection will only account for an inspection along one side of the street. Full Public Street/Streetscape inspection will account for inspections along both sides of the street. Public Water main Public Sewer main Street Signs (per ln ft of street) Special Field Consultation* Base Fee What you Pay* Major Encroachment Application* $273 $284 Right-of-Way Permits Any work conducted in the right of way that requires a permit *In an effort to facilitate effective and efficient resolution of issues encountered in the field during construc- tion of approved development projects, an optional Special Field Consultation Service is being made available. With engagement of the Development Engineering Inspections Manager and requisite right-of-way and/or public utility infrastructure review and inspections staff, this 48-hours prior scheduled service will ensure nec- essary staff are available on-site to collaboratively work through resolutions to issues and define the necessary process(es) for memorializing any associated field or design changes. $119 $239 $1,012 $5,954 $239 $51 $2,977 $1.47 $1.47 $0.62 $325 $106 $0.31 $106 $106 $106 $100 Driveway (per driveway) Sidewalk, curb and gutter (per linear foot - $106 minimum) Minimum sidewalk fee Extra Inspection – Per Inspection R/W Utility Cut Tree Impact Permit Base Fee $110 $0.31 $110 $110 $110 $104 What you Pay*