City of Raleigh Development Fee Schedule

29 Each dwelling, industry or business outside the corporate limits of the City of Raleigh that makes a service connection to the city’s sewage system $200 Sewer Connection Fee Outside City Limits Water and sewer assessment fees represent a portion of the cost of extending water and sewer mains to serve a property. If a property is located inside of the Raleigh city limits, assessment fees become due upon City Council confirmation. Otherwise, if a property is located outside of the Raleigh city limits, assessment fees become due upon annexation, connection to utilities, or prior to plat recordation. In order to determine if a property is subject to assessment fees, please visit and search “Assessment Liens.”This information is also available by contacting Revenue Services at 919- 996-3200. If a property is not served by water and/or sewer mains, the developer may be required to extend the mains or pay a fee in lieu of assessment as a condition of development approval. For assistance with utility extension requirements, contact the Public Utilities Department at 919-996-4540. Water and Sewer Assessment Fees Fee Schedule Ord. No. 2017-686 (Section 8-2005) CityWater Meter Installation Water Meter Size (inches) Water (per meter) Sewer (per meter) 5/8 $1,315.00 $1,938.00 1 $3,289.00 $4,849.00 1 1/2 $6,577.00 $9,697.00 2 $10,523.00 $15,516.00 4 $32,885.00 $48,487.00 6 $65,771.00 $96,975.00 8 $105,233.00 $155,159.00 10 $151,273.00 $223,042.00 12 inch and greater $282,815.00 $416,991.00 For approved sewer-only connections, the capital facilities fee shall be the 5/8” fee of $1,938.00 per 4-inch sewer service connection.