City of Raleigh Development Fee Schedule

30 Meter Installation Fee Schedule A fee is charged based on the size of any water meter installed by the city. Meter Size (inches) Meter Fee *Not Ready Fee 5/8” $254 $50 1” $335 $50 1-1/2” $488 $50 2” $619 $50 4” $3,474 $50 6” $5,100 $50 6”w/ fire protection $7,800 $50 8” $4,476 $50 8”w/ fire protection $10,417 $50 10” Protectus III $13,898 $50 The AMR Fee is already included in the Meter Installation Fee quoted above. The AMR (Automated Meter Reading) fee shall be collected by the city on all new installations. Not ready fee shall be collected by the City only if the City has attempted to initially install the water meter and determined that the water service stub was either not installed to the property or the water service stub not installed in accordance with City standards. The not ready fee must then be paid to the City prior to the City proceeding to install the meter again after the initial failed attempt and prior to any water being provided to the property. Not Ready Fee Fee Schedule Ordinance No. 2018- 840 New water and sewer accounts are required to pay a $50 Initiation Fee. In addition, all new accounts must pay a $50 deposit. This connection fee and the deposit will be added to each customer’s first utility bill. Utility Billing Information: 919-996-3245. $5.00 Delinquency Fee for each water and/or sewer bill paid beyond the due date. New sewer-only accounts are discouraged and require special approval. Contact the Public Utilities Department at 919-996-3245 for more information. Utility Billing Account Initiation Fee