City of Raleigh Development Fee Schedule

8 II. Service Fees Effective July 4, 2018. *A Technology Surcharge of 4% will be added to all Service fees. Building Construction Valuation Commercial Building Permit fee (D) formula Residential Building Permit fee (E) formula = A1 (See Appendix A for International Building Code Valua- tion (BVD) Table) Tier 1, and subject to a $108 minimum permit fee. = Valuation Tier (A) / 1000 x Rate (B) Tiers 2 – 9 = Maximum Cumulative Permit Cost (C) of the next lower Valuation Tier (A) + ((the incremental amount over that same tier’s max / 1000) x Rate (B) of that next higher tier) = Construction Valuation x 0.0026 Commercial Building Permit Fee (D) for Construction Valuations in Tier 1 (A) are calculated at $0.80 per $1,000 of valuation. For Valuations in Tiers 2 – 9, calculations are made by taking the Maximum Cumulative Permit Cost (C) for the next lower Valuation Tier (of the valuation you are calculating), and adding that figure to the sum of the incremental amount that exceeds that lower Valuation Tier, which is divided by 1000, and multiplied by the Rate (B) of the next higher Valuation Tier. Building Plan Review Fees*