City of Raleigh Development Fee Schedule

Development Fee Schedule 1
Table of Contents 2
I. Planning and Site Plan Review Fees 4
Planning 4
Quasi - Judicial Evidentiary Vested Rights Hearings 4
Preliminary Subdivision Plan Review 5
Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) 7
Transportation Planning Street 7
II. Service Fees 8
Building Plan Review Fees 8
III. Construction Permit Fees 10
Permit Fees for New and All Other Construction 10
Permit Fees for New Commercial Construction 10
Shell and/or Foundation 10
Alterations, Repairs to Existing Structures or Both 11
Building Permit Fees for Commercial Alterations & Repairs 11
Change of Occupancy within an Existing Building 11
Building Permit Fees for Commercial Change of Occupancy 11
IV. Facility Fees 22
Thoroughfare Fees 22
Alternative Thoroughfare and Collector Street Fee Calculation 24
Open Space Fees 24
V. Fees in Lieu 25
Street Trees 25
VI. Reimbursement Schedule 26
Street Improvement Fee Item 26
Retaining Wall Installation 26
Paving 26
Right-of-Way 27
VII. Utility Connection Fees 28
Water/Sewer Services Installation 28
Capital Facilities 28
Sewer Connection Fee Outside City Limits 29
Water and Sewer Assessment Fees 29
City Water Meter Installation 29
Not Ready Fee 30
Utility Billing Account Initiation Fee 30
Hydrant Meter Rental Fees 31
Septage Disposal Fee 31
Water/Sewer Plan Review 31
Sewer Main Extension TV Inspection 31
Appendix A (ICC Building Valuation Data) 34
Appendix B (Thresholds for Levels & Fee Methodology) 36