Unified Development Ordinance, 5th supplement, March 2018

Part 10A: Unified Development Ordinance City of Raleigh, North Carolina 4 – 10 Effective Date: September 01, 2013 Supp. No. 4 CHAPTER 4. ​SPECIAL DISTRICTS | Article 4.6. ​Campus (CMP) Sec. 4.6.1. Campus Areas Article 4.6. Campus (CMP) Sec. 4.6.1. Campus Areas A. Single Entity 1. Each CMP District must be under the control of a single entity and have a significant governmental interest or be a hospital, college or university. 2. Each CMP District must either have a minimum site area of 5 acres or one or more contiguous city blocks. 3. In the event that a portion of the property zoned CMP is sold to a third- party who is not governmental or a hospital, college or university (therefore becoming non-compliant with this Article), the non-compliant property must be rezoned. The third-party property owner shall submit a petition to rezone the property not owned by a governmental interest or a hospital, college or university within 6 months of the sale of the property. B. District Dimensional Standards The controlling entity must follow the district standards below. 1. Building height: 50 feet or 3 stories maximum. 2. Primary street setback: 5 feet minimum. 3. Side street setback: 5 feet minimum. 4. Interior side or rear setback: 10 feet minimum. C. Neighborhood Transitions Neighborhood transitions under Article 3.5. NeighborhoodTransitions apply to a CMP District. Sec. 4.6.2. Modification of District Standards A. Master Plan Required The CMP District standards may be modified through City Council approval of a CMP Master Plan under Sec. 10.2.4. A CMP Master Plan allows modification of the district dimensional standards above and the following elements: B. Height 1. A CMP Master Plan may include one or more of the following height designations. The designations establish the maximum height of buildings and structures in stories and feet within the district. For example, CMP-7 has a maximum height limit of 7 stories or 90 feet. -3 3 stories / 50 feet max -4 4 stories / 62 feet max -5 5 stories / 75 feet max -7 7 stories / 90 feet max -12 12 stories / 150 feet max -20 20 stories / 250 feet max -40 40 stories / 500 feet max 2. Height on the edges of the CMP District should be compatible with adjacent development, and consider existing built patterns, mass, scale and character. C. General Development Standards A CMP Master Plan may modify the following requirements of Chapter 7. General Development Standards : 1. Article 7.1. Parking .The entire campus may be treated as a single development for the purposes of calculating and sharing required parking. 2. Article 7.2. Landscaping and Screening . 3. Article 7.3. Signs . 4. Article 7.4. Site Lighting . 5. Article 7.5. Outdoor Display and Storage . D. Street and Blocks A CMP Master Plan may modify the following requirements of Chapter 8. Subdivision & Site Plan Standards : 1. Article 8.3. Blocks, Lots, Access . 2. Article 8.4. New Streets . 3. Article 8.5. Existing Streets .