Unified Development Ordinance, 5th supplement, March 2018

Part 10A: Unified Development Ordinance City of Raleigh, North Carolina 4 – 13 Effective Date: September 01, 2013 Supp. No. 4 Supp. No. 1 Article 4.7. ​​Planned Development (PD) | CHAPTER 4. ​SPECIAL DISTRICTS Sec. 4.7.1. Establishment of a PD District Article 4.7. Planned Development (PD) Sec. 4.7.1. Establishment of a PD District A PD District is a customized general use zoning district or set of general use zoning districts that must be approved along with a Planned Development Master Plan in accordance with Sec. 10.2.4. Sec. 4.7.2. Modification of Standards A. Except as noted in this Article, development in a PD District must conform to all applicable provisions of this UDO. B. The PD District allows modification of the following, as approved by the City Council under Sec. 10.2.4. : 1. Chapter 2. Residential Districts ; 2. Chapter 3. Mixed Use Districts ; 3. Chapter 6. Use Regulations ; 4. Chapter 7. General Development Standards ; 5. Article 8.3. Blocks, Lots, Access ; 6. Article 8.4. New Streets ; and 7. Article 8.5. Existing Streets . C. A PD district may be of any size. A PD District that specifies a single structure must include a mixed use building type. A PD District that includes multiple buildings must include at least one of the following building types: townhouse, apartment, mixed-use building or a general building. For a PD District with multiple buildings, at least 2 building types must be included in the first phase of development. D. Proposed density modifications in the districts that permit residential uses may propose lower maximum densities than the district currently allows, but cannot propose densities that exceed the district maximum. E. Proposed use changes may remove a use or convert a permitted or limited use to a special use, or convert a permitted use to a limited use, but cannot allow a prohibited use, make a special use a permitted or limited use or make a limited use a permitted use. F. Proposed modifications to the street cross-sections within Article 8.4. New Streets may only be requested for Sensitive, Local and Mixed Use Streets. Major Streets, Industrial and Service Streets and Accessways may not be modified or altered. The approval of alternative street cross-sections and minimum block length standards may not cause the Level of Service to fall below Level of Service D (LOS “D”). G. Each Planned Development is required to provide at least 10% of the gross site area as open space. This open space shall adhere to Sec. 2.5. Sec. 4.7.3. Allowed Sign Modifications Within a PD District, the requirements of Article 7.3. Signs may be modified according to an approved common signage plan developed as part of the Master Plan. No modification shall be allowed until all of the following are met. A. A common signage plan under Sec. 7.3.16.H. is provided. B. In lieu of the maximum signage area for ground signs as set forth in Article 7.3. Signs , the Master Plan may allow up to 75 square feet of ground signage per 200 feet of street frontage adjoining any nonresidential or mixed use area identified on the Master Plan. C. There is no minimum setback requirement for buildings and structures to have a ground sign. D. No ground sign shall exceed 15 feet in height. E. No ground sign shall exceed 100 square feet in sign area. F. All ground signs shall comply with of Sec. 7.3.16. and limitations on lines of copy and miscellaneous provisions of Sec. 7.3.11. G. No premise shall exceed the maximum signage allowed for each premise by Sec. 7.3.16.B. H. For awning, marquee and canopy signs; directory signs; product and information signs; projecting signs; tract identification signs; wall signs; and windblown signs, the height, sign size and the total sign area may be modified provided that: 1. The modification is specified in the sign criteria; 2. No maximum sign area, size or height may be increased over 100% from the maximums established in Article 7.3. Signs for that sign type; and 3. The amount of allowable signage shall be transferred from allowable ground signage as set forth in Sec. 4.7.3.B. , and this transfer shall be the exclusive amount of allowable signage.