Unified Development Ordinance, 5th supplement, March 2018

Part 10A: Unified Development Ordinance City of Raleigh, North Carolina 5 – 5 Effective Date: March 6, 2018 Supp. No. 5 Article 5.2. Environmental Overlays | CHAPTER 5. ​OVERLAY DISTRICTS Sec. 5.2.1. Airport Overlay District (-AOD) Article 5.2. Environmental Overlays Sec. 5.2.1. Airport Overlay District (-AOD) A. Uses 1. Permitted Uses Unless prohibited in Sec. 5.2.1.A.3. , those uses permitted in the underlying district shall be permitted in the -AOD. In addition, the following uses are subject to the use standards stated in Sec. 5.2.1.A.2. a. Allowed outdoor storage under Sec. 7.5.3. ; and b. Concrete and cement mixing plants, including the outdoor storage of materials used in production. 2. Use Standards for Allowed Uses The following use standards apply to those uses identified in Sec. 5.2.1.A.1. Uses shall be fully shielded with either a permanent overhead cover or a canopy of shade trees that meets all of the following. a. There must be at least 1 locally-adapted shade tree for every 2,000 square feet of total site area. b. The shade trees must be adequately protected from damage due to activities performed or materials stored on the site. c. The shade trees must be distributed within the site area so that at maturity the expected combined tree canopy covers at least 35% of the site area. d. If the site area is greater than 5 acres, the site must be divided in segments of no greater than 5 acres in size and all segments must be separated from one another by an expected canopy of shade trees of at least 100 feet wide. e. Compliance with all the above conditions must be achieved without including trees located in a required protective yard. 3. Prohibited Uses The following uses are prohibited in an -AOD: a. All household living; b. All group living; c. All social service; d. All civic except for cemeteries and police, fire and EMS stations; e. Day cares; f. Hospitals; g. Detention centers, jails, prisons; h. Resource extraction, landfills; i. Off-premise signs; and j. Any use that involves dangerous, noxious or offensive activity that has excessive smoke, odor, noise, glare, fumes, gas, vibration, threat of fire or explosion, emission of particulate matter, interference with radio, television reception, radiation or any other likely cause. B. Setbacks and Height 1. Setbacks The setbacks of the underlying district apply in the -AOD. 2. Height The maximum height limits of the underlying zoning district apply unless the height regulations adopted by the Raleigh-DurhamAirport Authority are more restrictive, in which case the more restrictive height limits apply. C. Supplemental Regulations 1. Lighting All outdoor lighting shall be full cutoff. FAA-approved warning lights to mark obstructions to aircraft are exempted from this regulation. 2. Rooftops Rooftops shall be uniform in color and made of non-reflective material.