Unified Development Ordinance, 5th supplement, March 2018

Part 10A: Unified Development Ordinance City of Raleigh, North Carolina 5 – 17 Effective Date: March 6, 2018 Supp. No. 5 Article 5.4. Character Protection Overlays | CHAPTER 5. ​OVERLAY DISTRICTS Sec. 5.4.3. ​Neighborhood Conservation District (-NCOD) 1. Brookhaven Neighborhood a. South District (south of Millbrook Road) i. Minimum lot size: 20,000 square feet. ii. Lot width at the building setback line: Minimum of 100 feet. iii. Front yard setback: Minimum of 50 feet. iv. Maximum building height: 2½ stories. b. North District (north of Millbrook Road) i. Minimum lot size: 14,000 square feet. ii. Maximum building height: 2½ stories. 2. Cameron Park Neighborhood a. Core Area i. Maximum lot size: 21,779 square feet. ii. Front yard setback: Within 10% of the average front yard setback of houses on the same block face. No portion of any garage or carport shall protrude beyond the primary facade of the principal structure. Covered porches shall be considered part of the primary facade. For corner lots with driveway access from the secondary side, attached garage entrances must be set back at least 10 feet from the secondary side building elevation. A secondary side elevation is the alternative side of a corner lot house that faces a roadway, but does not include a primary entrance to the house. iii. Side yard setback: Within 5 feet of the average side yard setback and corner side yard setback of other properties on the block face, but no less than 5 feet. iv. Setback for accessory structures: Side and rear yard setbacks for accessory structures, including those greater than 150 square feet shall be a minimum of 3 feet. v. Maximum building height: 38 feet with the exception of those lots fronting on Park Drive between Oberlin Road and Forest Road (except the lots fronting the south side of Park Drive, between Oberlin Road and Groveland Avenue), all lots fronting onWest Johnson Street and on the south side of Peace Street, and the 3 lots fronting the south side and the 4 lots fronting the north side of Park Drive immediately west of St. Mary’s Street (Wake County Registry: DB 08350, PG 1823; DB 02660, PGO-E-; DB 11659, PG 1800; DB 02425, PG 0670; DB 12811, PG 0908; DB 07129, PG 0713; DB 09060, PG 1175), which shall be limited to a maximum building height of 34 feet. vi. Building placement and building entrance: The orientation of the building and entry level of the main entrance to the building shall be located in a manner that is the same as the majority of the buildings on the block face. vii. Vehicular surface areas: New driveways onto public streets shall not be allowed for lots adjacent to alleys. Within that portion of the front yard area (as measured perpendicular to the right-of-way), between the principal building and the public street, new vehicular surface area shall not be permitted except where there are no adjacent alleys and when driveways are constructed alongside the house in the shortest practical distance from the right-of-way to the rear of the building. Parking areas and any other vehicular surface area installed prior to the August 3, 2010 shall not be deemed a zoning nonconformity. No vehicular entrance to a garage attached to the principal structure shall face the front yard. Maximum driveway width shall be limited to 12 feet for single driveways and 20 feet for shared driveways. b. Transition Area B i. Maximum building height: 40 feet when located within 75 feet of an adjacent Core Area lot. 3. Five Points East Neighborhood a. Core Area i. Maximum lot size: 13,067 square feet. ii. Front yard setback: Within 10% of the average front yard setback of houses on the same block face as the new construction.