Unified Development Ordinance, 5th supplement, March 2018

Part 10A: Unified Development Ordinance City of Raleigh, North Carolina 6 – 22 Effective Date: March 6, 2018 Supp. No. 5 CHAPTER 6. ​USE REGULATIONS | Article 6.4. Commercial Uses Sec. 6.4.5. Outdoor Recreation 3. Hours of operation can begin no earlier than 6 AM and end no later than 11 PM, including all deliveries; and 4. Drive-thru or drive-in facilities are not permitted. Sec. 6.4.5. Outdoor Recreation A. Outdoor Recreation Use Category Uses, varying in size, providing daily or regularly scheduled recreation-oriented activities. Activities take place predominately outdoors or within outdoor structures. Outdoor recreation includes the following uses. 1. Drive-in theater. 2. Camp, campground, travel trailer park, recreational vehicle park. 3. Extreme sports facility such as paintball, BMX or skateboarding. 4. Golf course. 5. Outdoor commercial activity such as batting cage, golf driving range, amusement park, miniature golf facility, water park. 6. Outdoor theater. 7. Outdoor sports or entertainment facility. 8. Riding stable. 9. Shooting range. 10. Racetrack. 11. Sports academy for active recreational or competitive sports. 12. Stadium, arena. B. Golf Course 1. Defined A facility consisting of a large landscaped area for playing golf. Includes executive or par 3 golf course and support facilities such as a country club, clubhouse and driving range. 2. Use Standards A golf course in a Residential District is subject to the following: a. Only the sale of merchandise associated with the golf course is permitted. No merchandise or advertisement shall be visible from the public right-of-way; and b. There shall be no external advertising or identification in any manner, except for tract identification sign that does not exceed the standards of Sec. 7.3.11. C. Outdoor Sports or Entertainment Facility 1. Defined A predominantly outdoor facility, including any associated structures, for playing sports and conducting entertainment, including but not limited to, sports fields with or without seating, stadiums, track and field facilities and amphitheaters. 2. Use Standards a. The facility and activities requested to be conducted will not have a substantial adverse impact on surrounding properties; including without limitation, stormwater, dust, smoke or vibration. b. The practical limits of public facilities and services such as stormwater, water and sewer lines, streets, fire, public safety, trash collection and recyclable material are not exceeded. c. The traffic generated to and from the site will not create unsafe or inefficient parking, loading, vehicular and pedestrian circulation patterns with consideration, among other things, to: the physical character of roads, the classification of roads, accident experience near the site, traffic volumes existing and projected from approved site plans and subdivisions, interference with any other driveway, and response time of nearby emergency services such as fire and hospital. d. Buffers must be provided that lessen the perceived height and bulk of proposed structures as seen from nearby residential neighborhoods. e. The nearby properties must be protected from sound amplification and lighting. f. The facility will not be injurious to property or improvements in the affected area. g. The site is not located in a PrimaryWatershed Protection Area.