Unified Development Ordinance, 5th supplement, March 2018

Part 10A: Unified Development Ordinance City of Raleigh, North Carolina 6 – 31 Effective Date: March 6, 2018 Supp. No. 5 Article 6.5. Industrial Uses Sec. 6.5.1. Heavy Industrial A. Heavy Industrial Use Category Any facility that involves dangerous, noxious or offensive uses or a facility that has smoke, odor, noise, glare, fumes, gas, vibration, threat of fire or explosion, emission of particulate matter, interference with radio, television reception, radiation or any other likely cause. Heavy industrial includes the following uses. 1. Asbestos, radioactive materials. 2. Animal processing, packing, treating and storage, concentrate plant, processing of food and related products, production of lumber, tobacco, chemical, rubber, leather, clay, bone, paper, pulp, plastic, stone, or glass materials or products, production or fabrication of metals or metal products including enameling and galvanizing. 3. Automobile dismantlers and recyclers. 4. Bulk storage of flammable liquids, chemical, cosmetics, drug, soap, paints, fertilizers and abrasive products. 5. Commercial feed lot. 6. Concrete batching and asphalt processing and manufacture, batch plant Earth moving, heavy construction equipment, transportation equipment. 7. Detention center, jail, prison. 8. Explosives. 9. Fabricated metal products and machinery. 10. Industrial sign-making. 11. Leather and leather products includes tanning and finishing. 12. Lumberyard and wood products. 13. Manufactured or modular housing sales. 14. Outdoor storage yard for vehicles. 15. Primary metal manufacturing. 16. Pulp mill, rubber and plastic products, rubber manufacturing. 17. Scrap metal processors, sawmill, secondary materials dealers. 18. Trailer leasing, auction vehicle, broker vehicle. 19. Tire recapping, tobacco products, transportation equipment. B. Detention Center, Jail, Prison 1. Defined A secured facility for the incarceration of individuals either awaiting trial or convicted of a crime. C. Towing Yard for Vehicles 1. Defined A facility for the impound and temporary storage of vehicles that is operated by someone engaged in the wrecker or towing business. 2. Use Standards a. The facility must be used exclusively for vehicle storage and no parts from stored vehicles can be sold. b. AType B1 or B2 transitional protective yard (see Sec. 7.2.4.A. ) must be established along all shared property lines, except for an adjacent heavy industrial use or waste-related service. c. AType C1 or C2 street protective yard (see Sec. 7.2.4.B. ) must be established along all property lines abutting a public right-of-way. d. No towing yard for vehicles can be within 5,280 feet of another towing yard for vehicles (determined by a straight line from property line to property line). Sec. 6.5.2. Light Industrial A. Light Industrial Use Category Manufacturing, assembly, repair or servicing of industrial, business, or consumer machinery, equipment, products, or by-products mainly by providing centralized services for separate retail outlets. Contractors and building maintenance services and similar uses perform services off-site. Light industrial includes the following uses. 1. Bottling. 2. Brewery, winery. Article 6.5. Industrial Uses | CHAPTER 6. ​USE REGULATIONS Sec. 6.5.1. Heavy Industrial