Unified Development Ordinance, 5th supplement, March 2018

Part 10A: Unified Development Ordinance City of Raleigh, North Carolina 6 – 39 Effective Date: March 6, 2018 Supp. No. 5 Article 6.7. Accessory Uses & Structures Sec. 6.7.1. In General A. Accessory uses and structures are permitted in conjunction with allowed principal uses. Allowed accessory uses and structures include those listed in this Article and additional accessory uses and structures that, as interpreted by the Zoning Enforcement Administrator, meet the following: 1. Are clearly incidental to and customarily found in connection with an allowed principal building or use; 2. Are subordinate to and serving an allowed principal building or use; 3. Are subordinate in area, extent and purpose to the principal building or use served; 4. Contribute to the comfort, convenience or needs of occupants, business or industry in the principal building or use served; and 5. Are located on the same lot as the principal building or use served. B. In addition, no accessory use or structure may be established on a lot prior to the establishment of a permitted principal use. Sec. 6.7.2. Accessory Structures A. Setback and height requirements for all accessory structures are established for each building type and are set forth in the district chapter ( Chapter 2. Residential Districts , Chapter 3. Mixed Use Districts , and Chapter 4. Special Districts ) . B. No accessory structure may be located closer than 10 feet to any other building or structure on the same lot. Sec. 6.7.3. Additional Standards for Specific Accessory Uses A. Caretaker’s Residence A single dwelling unit as a residence for a caretaker or watchman accessory to a permitted use is permitted in all districts other than a Residential District. B. Dish Antenna An antenna whose purpose is to receive signals from orbiting satellites. The regulations of this section apply only to dish antennas larger than 1 meter in diameter. 1. No dish antenna can be located closer than 30 feet to a public right-of-way. 2. In a Residential District, no dish antenna can have a dish of a diameter greater than 12 feet, unless located more than 100 feet from a property line. 3. In a Residential District, any antenna not mounted on a building that is over 4 feet in diameter shall be screened from the right-of-way and the property boundary of any abutting lot. The screen shall be made of plant materials, berms, closed fences, or walls or any combination of that reduce the view from the abutting lot or right-of-way to a height of 6 feet above ground elevation year round. Fences or walls utilized for screening must be architecturally compatible with other buildings and structures on the site. Planting shall be provided so that no more than 2/3 of the height of the fence or wall is visible from the abutting lot or right-of-way within 5 years of the erection of the fence or wall. 4. Roof-mounted dish antennas shall be screened from any public street that is open to vehicular traffic. All roof-mounted dish antennas exceeding 4 feet in diameter shall be constructed of mesh type material. C. Garage for 5 or More Vehicles Accessory to a Dwelling A special use permit may be issued in accordance with Sec. 10.2.9. for a garage for 5 or more motorized vehicles in a Residential District. D. Home Occupation An occupation that provides a service or product that is conducted wholly within a residential dwelling in a Residential District. 1. No nonresident employees are allowed. Clients, customers, patients and visitors are not allowed to visit the premises. 2. No display of goods, products, or services shall be visible from outside the dwelling. 3. The home occupation shall not exceed 25% of the livable portion of the dwelling. 4. No business storage or warehousing of material, supplies or equipment is permitted outdoors. Storage is permitted in the principal dwelling unit or a fully-enclosed accessory structure only. 5. There must be no change in the outside appearance of the building or premises, or other visible evidence of the conduct of a home occupation. Article 6.7. Accessory Uses & Structures | CHAPTER 6. ​USE REGULATIONS Sec. 6.7.1. In General