Unified Development Ordinance, 6th supplement, September, 2018

Part 10A: Unified Development Ordinance City of Raleigh, North Carolina 6 – 44 Effective Date: September 01, 2018 Supp. No. 6 D. Produce Stand 1. Defined A produce stand permits the itinerant sale of agricultural produce and home-made food goods on a property without a permanent structure or improvements. 2. Use Standards a. Sales shall be limited to agricultural produce not exceeding a maximum of 2,000 square feet per lot (not including areas devoted to driveways and off-street parking). In addition to the sales of agricultural produce, 25% of the produce stand area may be devoted to the sales of home- made food goods such as baked goods, jams and relishes. For produce stands not removed from the lot on a daily basis, the use shall be limited to a maximum of 8 months per calendar year. All tents, stands, signs and structures associated with the produce stand shall be removed from the property within 5 calendar days following the termination of the approved time period. b. Produce stands locating within a Residential District shall be required to locate on the property of a civic building or use (such as a place of worship or school), or within the common area of an apartment building or series of buildings containing a minimum of 100 dwelling units, or on property fronting a Major Street as designated on the Comprehensive Plan. In the event that the property fronting a Major Street is developed with a detached house used for single-unit living, no parking associated with the produce stand may be located within the front yard area. c. Tents, stands, signs or other related structures shall provide a minimum 10-foot setback from all property lines and public rights-of-way and shall not be located within sight distance triangles. d. One off-street parking space shall be provided for every 200 square feet of area devoted to the produce stand activities, but no less than 3 parking spaces. Areas devoted to off-street parking shall be oriented to provide for safe pedestrian and vehicular circulation and arranged so that vehicular ingress and egress to the parking areas is by forward motion of the vehicle. Produce stands shall be exempt from the parking surfaces requirements and the required landscaping regulations. e. Signage for all produce stand activities on the premise shall be limited to 1 unlit announcement sign not to exceed 12 square feet in area and be no higher than 3½ feet above the ground elevation. f. All activities shall be discontinued by 8:00 PM when located in a Residential District. g. No code-required landscape planting areas shall be utilized in association with the produce stand activities and no unauthorized encroachments on public rights-of-way shall be permitted. h. A plot plan that shows the location of all tents, produce stands, driveways, off-street parking, traffic circulation, signs, or other related structures shall be submitted to the City for their approval, and that a zoning permit be issued prior to any event taking place. E. Residential Development Sales Office or Model Home 1. The use of the office shall be for the initial sale or lease of properties or buildings within the residential development. 2. There shall be no signage for a residential development sales office or model home on the premises in a Residential District except for 1 unlit ground announcement sign not to exceed 6 square feet in area, and 3½ feet in height that is located on the sales office or model home lot. 3. For a developing residential subdivision, any phase containing a residential development sales office or model home shall contain a minimum of 5 acres and be intended for a minimum of 10 residential properties. 4. The building may be used for sales purposes for a period of 3 years, but the period can be extended by the Planning and Development Officer on a semi-annual basis, provided the owner can show reasonable cause for such extensions and the unit remains occupied and used. In no event will the sales office or model home be continued when all of the properties of the development phase or building are sold or leased, excluding the sales office lot or model home lot within a subdivision. 5. No sales office or model home shall be used for any other retail purpose. Article 6.8. Temporary Uses | CHAPTER 6. ​USE REGULATIONS Sec. 6.8.1. Applicability