Unified Development Ordinance, 5th supplement, March 2018

Part 10A: Unified Development Ordinance City of Raleigh, North Carolina 7 – 13 Effective Date: March 6, 2018 Supp. No. 5 Article 7.1. ​​Parking | CHAPTER 7. ​GENERAL DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS Sec. 7.1.9. ​Vehicle Loading Areas d. Facilities may be placed on private property or within the public right-of- way. Short-term and long-term facilities must comply with the Raleigh Street Design Manual. 2. Short-Term Bicycle Parking Short-term bicycle parking must be publicly accessible and convenient. Short-term bicycle parking must be located no more than 100 feet from the building entrance the bicycle rack is intended to serve. 3. Long-Term Bicycle Parking Long-term bicycle parking provides employees, students, residents, commuters and others who generally stay at a site for several hours a protected and secure place to park. Required long-term bicycle parking must meet the following standards. a. Long-term bicycle parking must be covered and weather resistant. b. Long-term bicycle parking must be located no more than 300 feet from the building entrance or 660 feet from a parking structure. Sec. 7.1.9. Vehicle Loading Areas A. Loading Not Required If determined by the Planning and Development Officer, adequate space must be made available on-site for the unloading and loading of goods, materials, items or stock for delivery and shipping. B. Location If a loading area is provided, it must meet the following standards. 1. Loading areas must be located to the side or rear of buildings and be screened as set forth in Sec. 7.2.5.B. 2. Loading areas cannot be located in an A or B neighborhood transition zone. 3. With the exception of areas specifically designated by the City, loading and unloading activities are not permitted in the public right-of-way. 4. Loading and unloading activities may not encroach on or interfere with the use of sidewalks, drive aisles, queuing areas and parking areas by vehicles or pedestrians. Sec. 7.1.10. Parking for Single- and Two-Unit Living All off street parking and driveway areas located in the front yard area that serve single- and two-unit living must meet the following standards. 1. Parking and driveway areas must be constructed of permanent non-erodible surface treatment as follows: a. porous or semi-porous monolythic or paver materials; b. masonry or concrete pavers; c. poured concrete or asphalt; or d. crushed stone or crush and run installed with a minimum depth of 4 inches. 2. Crushed stone or crush and run must be delineated with anchored man- made material or natural landscape edging materials that define and contain the stone or crush and run. 3. These regulations shall apply to manufactured homes.