Unified Development Ordinance, 6th supplement, September, 2018

Part 10A: Unified Development Ordinance City of Raleigh, North Carolina 7 – 16 Effective Date: September 01, 2018 Supp. No. 6 CHAPTER 7. ​GENERAL DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS | Article 7.2. ​Landscaping and Screening Sec. 7.2.4. ​Protective Yards B. Street Protective Yard 1. A street protective yard is required along the edge of the street right-of-way: a. For specific uses as set forth in Chapter 6. Use Regulations (type as specified); and b. Where an IH District is across the street from any other district other than an IH District, a Type C1 or C2 street protective yard must be installed. Type C1 Type C2 Type C3 Type C4 Width (avg. min) 10' 15' 10' 35' Fence Height (min) 6.5' Not required Not required Not required Wall Height (min) 6.5' Not required In lieu of planting shrubs, a 3.5' wall may be installed Not required Shade Trees (min per 100') Not required 4 Not required Not required Understory Trees (min per 100') Not required Not required Not required Not required Shrubs (min per 100') 30 15 30 Not required Shrub Height (min) 3' 5' 3.5' Not required Berm Not allowed A berm in accordance with Sec. 7.2.4.D.4. may be installed, unless otherwise required. The installation shall not alter the yard width and shade tree requirements Not allowed A berm shall be installed in accordance with Sec. 7.2.4.D.4. except the minimum height of the berm shall be 10’ measured perpendicular to the crown 10’ 6.5’ TypeC1 100’ 15’ TypeC2 100’ 10’ 100’ 5’ TypeC3 3.5’ TypeC4 35’ 100’ 2. A required street protective yard may be replaced with a tree conservation area that meets the requirements of Article 9.1. Tree Conservation 3. The protective yards in Special Highway Overlay Districts 1 and 2 ( Sec. 5.3.1.D. ) take the place of any street protective yard required in Sec. 7.2.4.B. below. 4. GSI practices shall be allowed in Street ProtectiveYardTypes C1, C2, and C3. In order to accommodate GSI practices the number of shrubs may be reduced in ProtectiveYards by ten (10) percent.