Unified Development Ordinance, 6th supplement, September, 2018

Part 10A: Unified Development Ordinance City of Raleigh, North Carolina 7 – 28 Effective Date: September 01, 2018 Supp. No. 6 CHAPTER 7. ​GENERAL DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS | Article 7.3. ​Signs Sec. 7.3.5. ​Projecting Signs Sec. 7.3.5. Projecting Signs E. Description An on-premise sign attached directly to a supporting building wall and intersecting the building wall at a right angle. A projecting sign typically extends more than 12 inches from the building wall and may be 2 or 3-dimensional. A sign permit is required for a projecting sign. F. Size A projecting sign may not exceed 40 square feet in area. A projecting sign which is not internally illuminated and is suspended to allow the sign to swing due to wind action is not allowed to exceed 16 square feet in area. G. Location C1 Signs per business (max per street frontage) 1 C2 Clear height (min) 9' C3 Projection from wall (max) 6' C4 Distance from curb (min) 18" C5 ROW Encroachment Allowed with Council approval -DE -PL -GR -UL -UG -SH H. Frontage Standards D1 Ground story: Sign area per sign face (max) 25 sf 40 sf 40 sf 40 sf 40 sf 40 sf D2 Ground story: Height (max) 5' 8' 8' 8' 8' 8' D1 Upper story: Sign area per sign face (max) 25 sf 72 sf 72 sf 72 sf 72 sf 72 sf D2 Upper story: Height (max) 5' 12' 12' 12' 12' 12' I. Miscellaneous 1. Projecting signs erected at the intersection of building corners when the building corner adjoins the intersection of 2 streets may intersect at a 45 degree angle to the corner of the building, in which case only 1 projecting sign is allowed. 2. No projecting sign is allowed to extend above the roof line or the parapet wall. 3. Buildings with 2 or more stories may not have a projecting sign located higher than the second story or 24 feet, whichever is less.