Unified Development Ordinance, 5th supplement, March 2018

Part 10A: Unified Development Ordinance City of Raleigh, North Carolina 7 – 36 Effective Date: March 6, 2018 Supp. No. 5 CHAPTER 7. ​GENERAL DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS | Article 7.3. ​Signs Sec. 7.3.13. ​​Special Sign Types 4. The sign may take the form of any sign permitted in the district provided that the sign complies with the applicable sign requirements. If the directory sign is a ground sign, no other ground sign is allowed unless the directory sign is positioned so that is not visible from any right-of-way and contains no other message, announcement or decoration. F. Landmark Signs A sign that exhibits unique characteristics that enhance the streetscape or identity of a neighborhood and as such contributes to the historical or cultural character of the area or the community at large. 1. The sign is an on-premise sign that meets at least 1 of the following criteria: a. It was expressly designed for the business, institution or other establishment at that location; b. It bears a national emblem, logo or other graphic that is no longer used by the company; or c. It is a remnant of an advertising program that is no longer used by the parent company. 2. The sign complies with Sec. 7.3.16.B. and if any portion is permitted to remain on or over a public right-of-way, a City or State approved encroachment agreement is executed. 3. The sign complies with the lighting standards of Sec. 7.3.16. G and the prohibited sign requirements of Sec. 7.3.15. 4. The sign exists or will within 6 months of its designation as a landmark sign be restored and continuously maintained, in its full original condition except for minor changes required for structural enhancements, changes required to comply with paragraphs Sec. 7.3.13.F.1. through Sec. 7.3.13.F.3. above and Federal or State regulations. Where original materials are unavailable, substitute materials, which are as near as possible substitutes for the original material may be used. 5. The sign was erected prior to January 1, 1973 and has existed continuously in place on the site. 6. The application requesting landmark designation was completed and submitted within 6 months following an extension of areas in which this UDO is applicable. 7. The sign is approved by the City Council as a landmark sign. 8. Other signs that are of the same sign type as a landmark sign are permitted on the site so long as: the maximum area, including the area of landmark signs, of such type of signage, is not exceeded, all other applicable requirements for that type of sign are met and the maximum signage allowed for the site, as determined by Sec. 7.3.16.B. , is not exceeded. G. Miscellaneous (Omnibus) Signs Each site that is not allowed a wall sign or an on-premise sign or off-premises ground sign is allowed to contain a maximum amount of signage of 60 square feet, provided that, no sign is more than 15 square feet in area and 3½ feet in height. H. Private Street Signs A sign placed on private property that identifies name of a private street. 2” min. 3” min. 4” min. high contrast reflectorized background 6’ min. 6’ min. 6’ min. 1. Sign Legend a. Name and Block i. The approved street name and block number must be shown on each sign face. ii. The street name must be shown in a clear, readable style of print. Cursive letters cannot be used.