Unified Development Ordinance, 5th supplement, March 2018

Part 10A: Unified Development Ordinance City of Raleigh, North Carolina 8 – 36 Effective Date: March 6, 2018 Supp. No. 5 CHAPTER 8. ​SUBDIVISION & SITE PLAN STANDARDS | Article 8.6. ​Reimbursements Sec. 8.6.1. Greenways G. Maintenance The final plat shall be conditioned as follows: 1. Require perpetual maintenance of private streets by a homeowners' association to the same standards as connecting public streets for the safe use of persons using the streets; and 2. State that the City has absolutely no obligation or intention to ever accept such streets as public right-of-way. Article 8.6. Reimbursements Sec. 8.6.1. Greenways A. Required Greenway Dedication Subject to the limitations of Sec. 8.6.1.C. below, whenever a tract of land included within any proposed residential subdivision or residential site plan includes any part of a greenway designated on the Comprehensive Plan, the greenway shall be platted and dedicated as a greenway easement. B. Greenway Easement Width Subject to the limitations of Sec. 8.6.1.C. below, the greenway required to be platted shall at a minimum, be the product of the following dimensions: 1. Minimum standard width multiplied by the length of the boundary along the banks of the adjoining watercourse; 2. Plus that portion of the watercourse contained within the development when property lines extend to the centerline of the watercourse: a. Neuse River: 150 feet from each bank. b. Crabtree &Walnut Creeks: 100 feet from each bank. c. All other tributaries: As established by the current City Council-approved Raleigh Parks Plan. C. Limitation on Dedication 1. No dedication shall be required for greenway lying outside of any floodplain, floodprone or flood hazard area, but such area shall be reserved in accordance with Sec. 8.1.6. for possible City acquisition. 2. The amount of greenway required to be dedicated shall not exceed the total obligation of the development to pay an open space facility fee, as determined by Article 8.9. Facility Fees , the number and type of dwelling units allowed by law for the development and the schedule of greenway land values listed in the Development Fee Schedule, kept on file by the Planning and Development Officer and is updated and adopted by the City Council.