Unified Development Ordinance, 4th supplement, September 2017

Part 10A: Unified Development Ordinance City of Raleigh, North Carolina 9 – 8 Effective Date: September 01, 2013 Supp. No. 4 CHAPTER 9. ​NATURAL RESOURCE PROTECTION | Article 9.1. ​Tree Conservation Sec. 9.1.9. ​Watershed Protection Overlay Districts Sec. 9.1.9. Watershed Protection Overlay Districts A. Except as otherwise provided below, every lot located within a -UWPOD, -FWPOD or -SWPOD must provide and maintain an area set aside for trees equal to at least 40% of the lot area. Within this area, trees must either be preserved or planted in accordance with the following: 1. Tree areas may be 1 contiguous area or scattered areas throughout the lot, but no required tree area may be less than 1/5 of the total gross land area required to be set aside for trees; 2. All areas required to be set aside for trees shall be maintained as wooded areas; 3. Wooded areas may consist of either areas where active tree preservation is observed or tree planting areas; 4. Each active tree preservation area must contain a minimum of 2 inches of tree caliper per every 100 square feet and within such areas, active tree preservation shall be followed; 5. Areas that are set aside for trees that do not meet the standards for active tree protection areas must be planted with shade trees; and 6. The minimum size and planting rate of new tree plantings used to fulfill this requirement shall be either 1 bare-root seedling at least 14 inches tall planted per 100 square feet (10 feet by 10 feet centers) or one 2-inch caliper tree planted per 200 square feet. B. After wooded areas have been determined and prior to or concurrent to any subdividing of the property or issuance of building permit, the landowner shall record with the local County Register of Deeds a plat with metes and bounds descriptions of all wooded areas. C. For lots located within areas designated “NewUrban” by the Swift Creek Land Management Plan, the regulations of Sec. 9.1.9.A. above apply with the exception that only 25% of each lot must contain an area set aside for trees. D. For lots located within a conservation development, areas set aside for trees may in lieu of being situated on the individual dwelling lots may instead be located within the required open space, provided that the overall acreage set aside for trees is not diminished. E. The requirements of this section do not apply to lots devoted exclusively to stormwater control measures or to those lots located in those areas of the Comprehensive Plan designated for impervious surfaces in excess of 30%. Sec. 9.1.10. Lots Without Recorded Tree Conservation Areas A. Applicability 1. Any tree disturbing activity, except a minor tree removal activity, on sites 2 acres and larger in size that do not have an established or recorded tree conservation area shall meet the requirements of this section. 2. Nothing in this section shall prevent the otherwise lawful grading and installation of streets, utilities or other improvements shown on an approved subdivision plan or site plan. 3. All applicable laws, including soil erosion and sedimentation control and tree protection regulations, must be obeyed. No champion tree, including its critical root zone, is subjected to any tree disturbing activity. B. Tree Protection Plan Required 1. A tree protection plan must be approved by the Planning and Development Officer for all applicable tree protected areas. 2. Tree protection fences must be in place prior to the issuance of any City permit and prior to engaging in any tree disturbing activity. C. Perimeter Buffers 1. No tree disturbing activity, except a minor tree removal activity, shall occur within a 32-foot wide perimeter buffer when the adjoining or adjacent property is vacant. 2. No tree disturbing activity, except a minor tree removal activity, shall occur within a 65-foot wide perimeter buffer when the adjacent property is a roadway other than a Thoroughfare or is not vacant. 3. No tree disturbing activity, except a minor tree removal activity, shall occur within a 50-foot wide perimeter buffer when the adjoining or adjacent property is a Thoroughfare or higher designation roadway. 4. No trees 10 inches DBH or larger can be removed, with the exception that a maximum of 5 trees between 10 inches and 22 inches DBH may be removed within the 32-foot wide buffer, the 65-foot wide buffer or 50-foot wide