Unified Development Ordinance, 6th supplement, September, 2018

Part 10A: Unified Development Ordinance City of Raleigh, North Carolina 9 – 20 Effective Date: March 6, 2018 Supp. No. 5 b. The purpose of the stormwater replacement fund is to ensure that adequate funds are available to the City for the maintenance, repair replacement and reconstruction of stormwater control facilities required by this UDO. Funds expended from the stormwater facility replacement fund shall be used only for the repair, maintenance, reconstruction and/ or replacement of stormwater control facilities, together with the costs incurred by the City associated with any work and/or redesign of the facilities. c. No funds from the stormwater facility replacement fund shall be used for administration of this fee program. Monies collected from the stormwater replacement fund may be spent for maintenance, repair, reconstruction and replacement of any stormwater control facility required by this UDO and located within the City limits or its extra- territorial jurisdiction. d. Payments collected by the City pursuant shall be kept separate from other revenues of the City. Any funds on deposit not immediately necessary for expenditure shall be invested as allowed in N.C. Gen. Stat. §159-30; all income derived shall be deposited in the separate account and may only be used for repair, maintenance, reconstruction and replacement of stormwater control facilities together with the costs incurred by the City associated with any work or redesign of the facilities. e. Monies expended from the stormwater facility replacement fund, together with interest, may be recouped by the City from lot owners served by stormwater control facilities maintained, repaired, reconstructed and replaced by the City or its contractors. All recouped monies and interest shall be returned to the stormwater facility replacement fund. f. The payment of stormwater facility replacement fees is not intended as a substitute for security to ensure the construction of the facilities, which security may be required at such point in the development process as specified in City ordinances and policies. H. Annual Inspections and Inspection Report Required The responsible party for maintenance of the stormwater control measures or devices must submit an annual inspection report from a qualified registered North Carolina professional engineer, surveyor or landscape architect to the Stormwater Utility Division of the PublicWorks Department. The inspections report shall contain all of the following: 1. The name and address of the land owner; 2. The recorded book and page number of the lot of each required stormwater control facility and required open space area; 3. A statement that an inspection was made of all required stormwater control facilities and open space areas; 4. The date of the inspection; 5. A statement that all inspected stormwater control facilities and open space areas are performing properly and are in compliance with the approved stormwater control plan, the applicable maintenance manual required by Sec. 9.2.2.D.2. and the Raleigh Stormwater Control andWatercourse Buffer Manual. No sampling of pollutant loading is required as part of the inspection; 6. The original signature and seal of the engineer, surveyor or landscape architect; and 7. All inspection reports shall be on forms supplied by the City. An original inspection report shall be given to the Office of Development Services beginning from the date of the as-built was first certified under Sec. 9.2.2.D.3. and each year thereafter on the anniversary date of the certification. Sec. 9.2.3. Watercourse Buffers A. Natural Resource Buffers 1. General Rules for All Natural Resource Buffers Natural resource buffers are intended to provide an area where stormwater flows in a diffuse manner so that the stormwater runoff does not become channeled and infiltration of the stormwater and filtering of pollutants can take place. The following rules apply to all required natural resource buffers. a. Natural resource buffers shall be delineated on recorded final subdivision plats or at the time of development of the property. CHAPTER 9. ​NATURAL RESOURCE PROTECTION | Article 9.2. ​Stormwater Management Sec. 9.2.3. Watercourse Buffers